• TheSyndicateProject

    Ok i need the best 3 people i am peicing together all the story i need footage stoylines sidelines everything, i need 1 wiki page making up full of everything and ill put it into a video,

    Ill mass advertise the call of duty wiki with this video.

    People i need your help for this message me on youtube with the Title,

    Zombies And Ready To Help

    If the video is very successfull which it will be, there will be rewards.

    I need to get on with the video asap!

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  • TheSyndicateProject

    This needs adding to "The Alley" Or even "Trivia" on the Kino Der Toten zombie map.

    there is also another audio file that i have found in the main theater room i am uploading the 2nd audio file shortly

    Also i may be onto somthing with red electricity boxes scattered across the map, and i think it may unlock something, need help!

    Who can help!?

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  • TheSyndicateProject

    Here ill be posting in many a 3rd person, or however i want my opinions and improovments that can be made to zombies to make it a more enjoyable and also fun exciting game and hopefully you will all agree, also ill be posting the progress of my channel as i go allong.

    So im Syndicate Machinima Premium Director and also YouTube Partner, never heard of me before dont blame you.

    Feel free to check out my videos and zombie statagy guides.

    Range from online black ops which i dont really gel with then to my main passion Zombies!

    The best thing to ever appear on COD,!

    Feel free to follow my blog if you can hmmm...

    Can you?

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