• The Asian Gangsta'

    Here are my personal favorites in Call of Duty: Black Ops, I'm an assualt rifle guy so don't hate please.

    10. AUG : Why? A good assualt rifle that has a high ROF and good accuracy, the recoil can be unpredictable.

    9. Stoner63: Why? Your an assualt guy who wants to go LMG? Well the Stoner is the way to go.

    8. Famas : Why? It's basically the AUG but it's recoil pattern is more predictable so therefore more effective.

    7. FN FAL : Why? A great gun with great accuracy with high power

    6. Galil : Why? Has a large clip size, good accuracy, and good power.

    5. M16 : Why? Without Stopping Power, the M16 isn't as effective as it was in COD4 and MW2, but still a beast.

    4. AK-74u : Why? The AK-74u is the best SMG in the game. PERIOD.

    3. G11 : Why? Amazing accur…

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  • The Asian Gangsta'

    At around 0:35 of the Single Player Trailer of Black Ops you see someone dat looks kinda like like Zakhaev?

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