Hello All Who Read This Intial Blog Post

Thank you ever so much for dropping by. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Felix and I am not the TV cat. I've come here because I'm a huge fan of the Call of Duty franchise, even if I think Modern Warfare 2 was a bit of a dip from the original Modern Warfare, and so I'm here to contribute to it. How? Well...still working on that part. This is actually the first thing I've gotten round to writing and I doubt it will be read much untill I start doing things to piss off the other members (Never intentional I swear).

My first thoughts were the fanfictions & roleplay, I've some writing talent (Maybe) and so its possible I could turn this blog into a fanfiction series from the Call of Duty universe. Other possibilities? Not sure, never worked with a wiki before so I'll need to find out how much I can do. Well, that's all from me on my first blog post, any questions feel free to ask (Not sure how that is done though) and looking forward to doing...stuff with all of you in the near future.

- Felix

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