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  • The Killa Klown

    I have created this poll just to get an idea of how many users here are bronies.

    The Killa Klown (talk) 23:38, July 30, 2012 (UTC) The Killa Klown

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  • The Killa Klown

    What do the FAMAS, Crossbow explosive tip, AK74u, M72 LAW, China Lake, and AUG all have in common??

    Answer: they are all noob weapons in Black Ops Mp. They also completely suck in zombies.

    Just an observation.

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  • The Killa Klown

    Why is it that every time I play World at War multiplayer, there's always at least one hacker in every game? Do these guys really have nothing better to do than hack their Xbox and troll people on Xbox live?? Why do they do this????!

    Answer: because they have no life!

    Treyarch and IW really need to ramp up security on their older games to prevent these losers from ruining multiplayer for everyone! Who here agrees with me?

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  • The Killa Klown

    Hello again! As most of you know, one of my favorite CoD games is World at War. One of the reasons why I like it is because the zombie maps there just happen to be better than Black Ops. Here's why:

    World at War zombies is actually a little scary

    Better weapons than Black Ops (Mg42, browning m1919, ppsh-41, etc)

    No annoying enemies (pentagon thief, zombie monkeys that steal power ups, George Romero who rages every time a stray bullet hit him)

    Fly Trap doesn't take 4 players to complete it and you get an achievement


    Quick revive doesnt work in solo, making it more of a challenge to get past round 15

    Black ops zombies is just too easy (I made it to round 37 in Kino Der Toten compared to round 21 in Der reise)

    The World at War maps in …

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  • The Killa Klown

    Lately, all my posts have been a bit too complainy(is that even a word?) and negative, so now im going to post something a little more positive: what's your favorite CoD game?

    I personally have 2 favorites: World at War for its epic, gritty single player, and MW2 for its awesome multiplayer. Unfortunately, the only game I can find matches for and play MP without lag is CoD3, but hey, it better than no CoD!

    What are your favorite games?

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