I just joined the CoD wiki today and I'm new here. Since I'm here, I might as well talk Call of Duty.

We all have our own ideas on what our ultimate Call of Duty game would be. Here's mine:

My ultimate game be a WWII game that follows the American invasion of Sicily and Italy and a Russian campaign set 1943-1945. It would be like World at War: dark, gritty, and would have gore and profanity.the multiplayer would feature drivable tanks, mounted MGs, and AA guns to shoot down recon planes and bombers.

Unfortunately, IW and 3arc are too busy cranking out sequel after sequel every year to make a game like this:(. Maybe one day, Activi$ion will one day consider fan suggestions for future CoD games! A

Cod-WaW-M4 Sherman

This would be totally awesome in multiplayer!

What's your ultimate game idea?

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