Hello again! As most of you know, one of my favorite CoD games is World at War. One of the reasons why I like it is because the zombie maps there just happen to be better than Black Ops. Here's why:

World at War zombies is actually a little scary

Better weapons than Black Ops (Mg42, browning m1919, ppsh-41, etc)

No annoying enemies (pentagon thief, zombie monkeys that steal power ups, George Romero who rages every time a stray bullet hit him)

Fly Trap doesn't take 4 players to complete it and you get an achievement


Quick revive doesnt work in solo, making it more of a challenge to get past round 15

Black ops zombies is just too easy (I made it to round 37 in Kino Der Toten compared to round 21 in Der reise)

The World at War maps in Rezurrection are ruined by the crappy Black Ops weapons (FAMAS, Spectre, all other guns that run out of ammo in 1 round)

I have to say, the best map overall in zombies is Der Reise from WaW.

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