The Lord of the Rings

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  • The Lord of the Rings

    Okay. So you start off on a random teleporter pad... Your Characters (Takeo, Nikolai, Tank Dempsey, and your's truely, Richtofen!) are saying things such as "The power is out." , "We need to get the power on.", and so fourth.How did the power go out? In the music video "115", Dempsey says "Where are we?", and Richtofen replies an interesting comment: "I think the question is, WHEN are we?". How were the characters teleported to the "Cinema of the Dead"? Was Richtofen planning to go somewhere else? Well, here is where the strange things begin... When you enter the ally ("An ally, how quaint." -Richtofen), there is something strange about the windows. No, not the curtains not matching the carpet inside, but it's like a mirror... Or a camera.…

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