Station 1: Kino Der Toten

Okay. So you start off on a random teleporter pad... Your Characters (Takeo, Nikolai, Tank Dempsey, and your's truely, Richtofen!) are saying things such as "The power is out." , "We need to get the power on.", and so fourth.How did the power go out? In the music video "115", Dempsey says "Where are we?", and Richtofen replies an interesting comment: "I think the question is, WHEN are we?". How were the characters teleported to the "Cinema of the Dead"? Was Richtofen planning to go somewhere else? Well, here is where the strange things begin... When you enter the ally ("An ally, how quaint." -Richtofen), there is something strange about the windows. No, not the curtains not matching the carpet inside, but it's like a mirror... Or a camera... What is it? You can see a door, which appears to be unopened. There are no zombies in it, or damage. MOVING ON! Element 115 is the reason of the zombies. Apparently, and obviously, Maxis wanted an undead army, stated by "ze doctor" himself. "Those seats, that screen, they wanted to implant the mind with instructions!" is said when turning on the power (by Richtofen). The posters are either an easter egg or important part of the story. Here they are!

Posters (Station 1, info. from


Faust is a Movie about a man who sells his soul to the Devil in return for Courage and more. When the Mans time is up the Devil comes to get his end of the bargain but the Man is not having it. They have a bit of a fight or something and then the Man wins and keeps his soul. Does this ring any bells? Go back to one of the Radio's in Ascension. We see that Gersch (Or Yuri i forget who it was) goes back to his boss after he was fired. He craves Revenge and he has found a way to do it. With him he brings a mystery box. Gersch (Or Yuri) made a deal with the wrong Devil also known as Samantha. He was mad with anger and did not consider this deal at all. He agreed to join the Aether realm and be with Sam if Sam helped him get Revenge. Back to him he walks into his boss's office with the box and after a quick conversation opens the box. Samantha makes a Bear with a sickel come out and choke his Boss with it. Gersh is delighted to see his boss like this but then Screams when he releases his fate. Now just like the Faust movie he escapes Sam with the help of the four heroes. That is what the Movie Faust is referring to and is why it is scattered along Kino in numerous places.

Die Bismark

It was a ship which sunk off the english coast and is most likely referencing that a map will be there soon. There is also a bill board in Der reise which shows a ship and a sign for England. This does not have much signifiance


"I really do not have much to say about this Poster but I recently translated the text on it and I found it was very interesting as it seemed to reflect on a lot of theories. Translated it read "He created her but he had no idea the power she had" Now if that is not a reference to Samantha then I don't know what is. The Theory this is hinting at is that Samantha was a experiment herself. We know that Maxis did not like Sophia distracting him from her work but still said she was pretty. (continue at the website)"

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