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  • The M1sta PoPo

    Let me start by saying that I am an LMG type of guy.I love the fact that if I start to miss, I can keep firing for almost a full minute if not more. If I see an M60E4 in campaign, I'm gonna pick it up, because the guns in campaign all do around the same damage, or enough to not make a difference, and I can spray down enemies for more than thrice as long than if I had an M4. Sadly, this is not the case in multiplayer, where the only redeeming quality is the 100 round magazines, which doesn't even happen in some games. This, among many other things inspired me to write this blog, entitled "The Near death of the LMG."

    In Modern Warfare, the LMGs were arguably at their best. While the M60E4 was nothing special, the M249 pumped out fair damage …

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