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  • The guy 2 da left says

    If we were actually attacked by zombies what would you do?I would lock my doors and let things die down outside.Next I would get kitchen knife to arm myself then head out to search for survivors I would most likely search for my girlfriend.If you were in a situation involving zombies what would you do?

    and don't think it's gonna be like CoD zombies or you'll end up like this guy.

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  • The guy 2 da left says

    Ascenscion has been confirmed to take place on a Soviet launch facility,similar to Executive Order.But Treyarch still did not confirmed that the characters from "FIVE" or Kino der toten will be returning.The link

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  • The guy 2 da left says


    December 26, 2010 by The guy 2 da left says

    1. Add more balance and variety to maps. Reason:for some reason when I'm playing Launch I have the feeling that I'm playing Ambush,or Kino where it feels like a more open Nacht.Players wouldn't want to play on maps that they played on already,or felt that they played on it.Balance,maps need to have an equal chance of players getting killed from a variety of weapons not just a sniper.People don't want to be constricted to do one thing to win or get notice(i.e. quickscoping if you didn't do it you were probably considered an outcast by your friends who do it.)Example:today I was playing on Cracked half of the team were armed with snipers,thermal scopes and camping in the bombed out building,spawn sniping us.Even if we tried to flank we get …

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