1. Add more balance and variety to maps. Reason:for some reason when I'm playing Launch I have the feeling that I'm playing Ambush,or Kino where it feels like a more open Nacht.Players wouldn't want to play on maps that they played on already,or felt that they played on it.Balance,maps need to have an equal chance of players getting killed from a variety of weapons not just a sniper.People don't want to be constricted to do one thing to win or get notice(i.e. quickscoping if you didn't do it you were probably considered an outcast by your friends who do it.)Example:today I was playing on Cracked half of the team were armed with snipers,thermal scopes and camping in the bombed out building,spawn sniping us.Even if we tried to flank we get killed by the other half of their team watching their flank meaning the only choice of us getting a point is sniping them(very difficult seeming that the other team is camped out with almost all the sniper weapons in the game.)and throw a grenade in their direction hoping to get a kill.

2.Weapon tuning.Weapons being OP is very common in FPS's,but being CoD is an old franchise dating back to the "stone ages" many people think the developers got it down.But OP weapons are still showing up and glitches being discovered(I'll explain later).Like the AK-74u many people say it's overused not OP,but what makes it overused?Is it the virtually no recoil on the gun and the addition of an attachment *cough* Grip *cough* or is it the rather large amount of bullets in the clip plus the addition of the power of said weapon and don't forget high RoF plus if said gun had a grip for an attachment then that is just jolly isn't it?(The previous notes are not just about the AK-74u and Black Ops)

3.LOLLLLOLLLLZZZZ HAXORZ.Hacks,glitching,cheating,mods are a way of taking the life away from the game,and turn it into a lifeless husk of what it use to be,or a desserted wasteland of lost memories(example:APB already days after release and now it's KIA).Don't get me wrong Treyarch is doing a great job of releasing patches to it's latest game sure there are still little problems here and there,but being that theres a report system and a theater,then hackers have nowhere......or so it seems.I looked at the zombie leaderboards today and I was surprised people actually passed o ARRNPWNS o and 5neaky 5nipers.And guess who's at the top?The Tech Modding crew yup 2 players made it to round 99 without getting 1.getting mauled by Chuck Norris zombies or 2.Getting bored or tired to death.I mean those guys must have suffered cleptomanism(I think it's the right term).Please Microsoft please ban anyone who uses these words or letters in their names:TTG-7s-TTGoCOM-7SoCOM-And any gamertag that is colored please one more time please spam that report box of cheat boosting or anything that could get them banned.Map glitches are also a problem but not a big one plus 3arc is on it so just wait.

So thats it.I hope I adressed everything if I missed something then comment.


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