Miss me? Haven't been on the wiki in awhile but I'm gonna get back into it. The Maestro here! Haveing finally played MW3 yesterday, and being very satisfied with the story, I just want to take the time to compare the storylines between MW2 and MW3. The only thing that bothered me was Soap's death. But back to the comparison. Obviously both games had outstanding campaigns, and with the troubles IW had before the making of the game, I was really impressed. Particularly the mission Turbulence. No mission in any CoD game has ever taken my breath away like that one did. In both games, the developers killed off very well liked characters, Ghost in MW2 and Soap in MW3. Both had epic endings, with Shepherd being killed by a throwing knife in MW2, and Makarov being hung by Price in MW3. However MW3 was the first Modern Warfare that did not end in a cliffhanger. But I've said everything I want to say. I want you to tell me your opinion. Which had a better story. MW2? Or MW3? Please comment and have a Merry Christmas!

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