My third blog! About zombie perks. There are only eight (However one has not been released or revealed). So let's get to it, shall we?

Quick Revive

One of the first four perks. QR allows you to revive teammates faster in multiplayer. It has a different use in solo. In solo it lets you revive yourself. First introduced on Verruckt, it costs 1500 points (500 on solo). I find this perk very useful. Especially on solo. On solo this perk is a must have. But buying it on multiplayer is entirely up to personal preference. Because of a high price considering it's not very important (On multiplayer it should only cost 1000) this perk gets a rating of 5/10.


Literally the most useful perk on zombies, this perk will increase your health. Juggernog should be the first thing you buy in all zombie games, even before buying a weapon. It costs 2500 points, not bad considering how useful it is. Regular zombies will require four hits to down you rather than two, and gas zombies will require six hits (Same amount for dogs). Always buy this first, unless you're on solo. Solo you should buy QR first. A perfect 10/10.

Speed Cola

This perk is one of the most useful, especially on machine guns. It speeds up your reload and slaps boards on windows faster. This perk is the most expensive at 3000 points. It should be cheaper but it's useful nonetheless. A rating of 7/10.

Double Tap Root Beer

Like QR, buying this perk depends on personal preference. It speeds up the rate of fire by 33% killing the zombies faster. Often considered a waste of 2000 points, it chews ammo, but is much more useful later on. This perk also gets a 5/10 rating.

PhD Flopper

A perk that allows you to kill zombies by diving down a high height, it is incredibly useful, but will lose effectiveness. I can't remember exactly how much it costs, but I think it's 2000 points. It will also protect you from all splash damage, so if using the Ray Gun or an explosive weapon, Flopper is useful. 6/10.


This perk is a mixture of Lightweight and Marathon, not Lightweight and Marathon Pro. It speeds up your run speed, and increases your sprint time by a few seconds. Can be useful later on, early on, I wouldn't buy it. It costs 2000 points and gets a rating of 6/10.

Deadshot Daiquiri

This perk is very useful. It makes your auto aim go to the head instead of the torso, and gives you the benefits of Steady Aim Pro. It improves accuracy which helps conserve ammo. I think it costs 1500 points (Been awhile since I bought it), but this perk is definitely not a waste. 8/10.

There you go! A summary of each perk, plus a personal rating of each perk. Feel free to leave your ratings in the comments section. Enjoy!

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