Hi all! The Maestro here! This is just gonna be a quick review of Content Pack 4 Rezurrection, based on what I've seen from trailers and videos. Please note that I have PS3 and won't get it until later this week, so if there's something I messed up on, please correct me. Alright let's get this show on the road.

Nacht der Untoten: This is the only map in the pack that I have played. I played it on the original World at War and it was really good. Lack of perks (namely Juggernog) are this map's achilles heel, but then again perks weren't invented until Verruckt. Mystery Box is easy enough to find though. Not very open, so this map is very hard. Rating: 3/5

Verruckt: This was the map that introduced the perk machines as well as the Power Switch. It also introduced more creepy sounds and that general thing. It was awesome, or so I am told. I've never played it. But it was the first and so far only map that separates you from your teammates, which is a feature that is really cool. It's got tight corners that can be hard to move around but if you use them to your advantage you'll be fine. This map also allowed you to get a Teddy Bear out of the Mystery Box. This map's rating should probably be a 4/5.

Shi No Numa: This map introduced the random perk machines. It had no power switch to activate. It also featured the evil Teddy Bear. The Wunderwaffe DG-2 was introduced on this map as well. Instead of the ole Nazi Zombies, this map introduced Imperial Japanese Zombies.It also brought in the Flogger. This map would probably get a 3/5 from me.

Der Riese: This is the map that is considered by veteran zombie players to be the best map ever. This map introduced the teleporters and Pack-A-Punch. It brought back the Wunderwaffe DG-2 as well. Perk machines also made their return. Unfortunately, Hellhounds also returned from Shi No Numa and can spawn in with the zombies after round 20, I think. I would probably give this map a 4/5.

Moon: Ah, the new map, Moon. I know this map pretty well, mainly because I watched a bunch of Live Comms on Youtube for it. You're probably thinking "Oh my gosh! How could you spoil it for yourself!" Well, spoilers don't affect me. That's how I know so much about the other maps as well. But anyways, Moon. It features the new P.E.S. as well as the Hacker. The Excavator is introduced as well. And the pyramid thing in the power room is important to Richtofen's Grand Scheme. I believe it's called the M.P.D. No idea what that stands for (Your cue to tell me!). But anyways, the Bio-Dome is apparently the best place to run around. Make sure you save a perk spot for Flopper if you're gonna bounce on the jump pads. But yeah. I don't know the whole map and probably won't until I play it. I won't rate this map until I play it. But it's supposed to be good. Hopefully they got their touch back after the joke that Call of the Dead and Shangri-La turned out to be.

The map pack itself will get a 9/10 rating from me.

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