What are your top 15 guns in WaW? I have seperated mine into 5 different groups, beacause there are 5 different weapon types, and put my top 3 in each group.3x5=15

Bolt action rifles: 1.) PTRS-41 2.) Kar98k 3.) Mosin- Nagant

Rifle's: 1.) M1 carbine 2.) Gewehr 43 3.) STG-44

Smg's: 1.)PPSh 41 2.) Type 100 3.) Thompson

MG's 1.) Mg42 2.) Fg42 3.)Dp28

NOTE: Actually 13 beacause there are only two different shotguns.

Shotguns 1.) DB shotgun 2.) M1897 trench gun


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