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    This year's CoD title, developed by Infinity Ward, has revealed itself -- Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare! The first trailer has been released, and you can watch it below or click here . 

    Pre-ordering the legacy edition will also get you a copy of the remastered edition of Call of Duty 4; so, mark your calanders and prepare to take command November 4th!

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    I'm making this slightly on impulse; but, it's fair to say it's been pretty quiet around here lately. BO3's been out for awhile, the first DLC pack is already out on PS4 even, and most of the hype has died down as tends to happen around this time. How you feel about BO3 now, or any CoD for that matter, will always be filled by rapidly changing degrees of mixed feelings; and whether you end up liking the game or not, you'll always find yourself playing the new one for at least a month after release. And whether you think CoD is the same every year or not, you'll probably pick it up anyway and find yourself picking favourites from the series or throwing out your least favourites.

    Regardless, we all have our opinions about the CoD franchise an…

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    The Awakening DLC is just around the corner, launching next week on Feb 2nd for PS4 first. The whole pack recieved a preview already (which you can see here), but today a trailer specifically for the new zombies episode "Der Eisendrache" is out. Narrated by Tank Dempsey and featuring the classic zombies crew; the trailer sets the scene for the next adventure in the zombies universe and does it's usual job of showing off all the new traps, weapons, and other such frivolities you'll find in the new map.

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    The preview trailer for the first of four DLC sets for BO3 has been released. In it, you'll find a break down of the 4 new multiplayer maps and a sneak peek of the new zombies' episode.

    Awakening comes out Feburary 2nd, first on Playstation 4.

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    The first installment of Black Ops III's DLC set has been revealed. Awakening was announced during the Playstation Experience Keynote, an image was released alongside the announcment.

    Four multiplayer maps: Skyjacked, Rise, Splash, and Gauntlet; along with the next zombies map Der Eisendrachen are shown. The DLC was stated to release first on Playstation in early 2016. An exact date wasn't given nor was there any trailer shown at this time.

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