Today the preview for the second DLC map pack for Ghosts, Devastation, has been released.

Call of Duty Ghosts Devastation DLC Pack Preview04:28

Call of Duty Ghosts Devastation DLC Pack Preview


Included in the new DLC are similar additions as with the Onslaught Pack, as well as some fresh features:
  • Four new Maps:
    • Behemoth - A small to medium sized map that takes place on an active earth escavator. Completing a field order allows the player to man a minigun whilist riding a helicopter that circles the map.
    • Ruins - A meduim sized map that puts players into an ancient Mayan temple near an active volcano. Completing the field order causes the volcano to explode, raining molten rocks unto the field.
    • Unearthed - A small sized map based off of MW3's Dome. Completing the field order here spawns three cryptids from Extinction that seek out players before exploding. Also included in this map is a hidden Venom-X from Extinction to use against the enemy team.
    • Collision - A small to medium sized map where a freighter has collided with a bridge; combat takes place on the crashed boat, with one portion of it fairly intact and the opposite side being a lot more destroyed. The field order here allows players to pilot an A-10 for a short period of time.
  • A new weapon -- the Ripper; a hybrid weapon that can swap from SMG and AR modes. Avaiable for Season Pass holders today (Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners first, other platforms to follow).
  • Episode 2 of the Extinction saga -- Mayday. The squad of players is sent to a Chinese ship to rescure Dr. Cross from Archer. There are many new features in this episode; such as, a new species of cryptids that fire gas projectiles and can produce sentry-like pods, player chosen side paths that contain more weapons or collectibles, craftables for the Venom-X which modify how it works, and a giant Kraken to defeat.

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