Okay, Just for fun, I'm gonna put down my times with all the weapons in Modern Warfare: Mobilized when running through "The Course.

MP5: 19.87 seconds

M9: 20.69

AUG A3: 17.36

Explosive Tip Crossbow: 35.08

Skorpion: 17.21

P90: 17.95

MP7: 23.78

M249: 20.57

USP: 19.18

MG4: 18.65


SPAS-12: 19.13

M4A1: 24.63

M4A1 Red Dot (They're two different guns, one's three shot burst, the other's fully auto): 19.02

AA12: 17.60

AK74: 17.01

ARX160: 17.16

AN94: 18.26

And that's it!

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