• Thoracshurr

    COD weapon research

    December 11, 2013 by Thoracshurr

    this is my first message so i am going to keep it simple and say that i research the different weapons of the most recent COD games like in MOTD i have found(and will continue editing) weapons most effective against Brutus those weapons are:

    the Death Machine

    the Blunder Gat( if aimed at Brutus' head)

    the Executioner

    the Ray Gun 

    and Vitrolic withering/acid gat.

    these weapons i have found to be the most useful against Brutus

    although i am still looking at other weapons effectiveness against Brutus.

    anyway thank you for looking at this page and please let me know what weapons you want me test and put down here on this page. thank you.

    (edit 1/16/14): new development, when the sweeper is inserted into the acid gat kit it becomes vitriolic withering i kind…

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