this is my first message so i am going to keep it simple and say that i research the different weapons of the most recent COD games like in MOTD i have found(and will continue editing) weapons most effective against Brutus those weapons are:

the Death Machine

the Blunder Gat( if aimed at Brutus' head)

the Executioner

the Ray Gun 

and Vitrolic withering/acid gat.

these weapons i have found to be the most useful against Brutus

although i am still looking at other weapons effectiveness against Brutus.

anyway thank you for looking at this page and please let me know what weapons you want me test and put down here on this page. thank you.

(edit 1/16/14): new development, when the sweeper is inserted into the acid gat kit it becomes vitriolic withering i kind of found this out on accident assembling the acid gat kit together and then seeing if it worked with the sweeper and it did.

also if anyone actually read my message's please someone tell me what this means "scratch the surface reveal the shards of the ice staff" i have heard this several times on origins and i am wondering what it means so please write back and don't hesitate to suggest weapons you want me to research.​

(edit 3/4/2014)okay i have found that any weapon will work on brutus or the panzer soldat, just depends on how accurate you are if its a weapon like the M1927 then you have a chance of probably getting through the helmet although if you want to kill either Brutus or the Panzer Soldat quickly then go with the list i have back at the top or try to get the ray gun mark 2 if you have the vengeance DLC, but if you do not have the DLC then again go look at the list i have provided back up at the top,

also if your on die rise and your with a friend and your being besieged by jumping jacks, consider this tactic!

1.get to the lowest part of the map(near the power room)

2.find the parts the sliquifier

4.get to a defendable position(this tactic has shown that trying to avoid the jacks on a ledge is not a good idea so pick your positions wisely) and laugh as the f slip up on the liquid puddles

6.rain fire on the jacks!

anyway that my said for right now i'll come back once i gathered more intel write you guys later!

(edit 4/14/14) here is just a tip for Buried immediately go to the underground and pick up the first weapon chalk you see and put it up on the nearest weapon outline and go to the giant straight after that, get him out of his cell and if another bottle of booze pops up before he is done running into the debris take him to the armory (the gunsmiths) and but it open with the giant take three weapon chalk and put them up in these locations:

in front of the jail house
at the top of the stairs closet to the mystery box spawn
the second story saloon balcony

the balcony of the bar may seem like a wierd place to get up to given that you could buy the two doors to get up there but there is an alternate way to get up there for no charge through the barnhouse the bottom floor of the farmhouse there is a tunnel that will take you through past the debris pile that goes into the armory (cost:1250) keep going through the tunnel and there will be a jump and you have to make that jump to the other side or you have to do it over, if you made the jump follow the tunnel through to the second floor of the saloon and you should be out side the saloon on the saloon balcony, if you went left at the opening, right will take you into the bar left will lead you to the balcony, follow the balcony walkway and go right and off to you right will be a chalk outline where there you can put up the weapon chalk your carrying, right then you should have 3500 points if you didn't buy the mystery box or wall weapons, where you put the chalk outline on the saloon balcony behind you shold be a jump to the candyshop go in grab the candy and lead the giant to the mystery box, without opening the box, give the giant the candy while he is near the mystery box after that he should lockdown the box and make impossible to get the teddy bear, and also negate your chances of getting a fire sale, after this your all set for getting any weapon you want from the box although if you want you can have the giant move the box for you to another more defendable location on the map, well that is my said for a while, write you guys later!

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