• Thundervolt

    Just simply out of interest and coz im bored lul, what is everyone's all-time top-of-the-chart blockbuster sock-knockin' game that they've ever played?

    It don't have to be anything related to CoD in the slightest way (Call of Duty: Tetris Wars ), just simply comment on what you've enjoyed playing the most or just loved spending your time wasting yo' life playing the heck out of it.

    I could make a list if I can...

    (Some users have multiple games next to their names coz dey cant make up der mind because they're undecided.

    • Thundervolt - Medal of Honor: Airborne
    • Yardhog - Kingdom Hearts 2
    • Cryptar - The Simpsons: Hit and Run
    • MLGisNot4Me - Halo 3
    • STRIKE3 - Fallout: New Vegas
    • AugFC - Battlefield: Vietnam, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, Half Life 2, Stairs Sim…
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  • Thundervolt

    Hi guys!

    Lately, I have become more interested in making gameplay videos. The only problem - I don't know how to do so. Nothing known. Okay, questions here, and answers are much appreciated. I use the PS3, but does it make a difference?

    What 'software' (anything like a program, such as Microsoft Word for comparison) needed.

    What 'hardware' (anything like an actual piece of equipment, such as the PS3 console for comparison.

    Do you need to pay for these, or are there alternatives? (Money is not a problem, but if it's free, please note)

    Do you need to sign up or activate any of these products?

    What video formats are there and what is preferable? (1080p, 720p, HDMI, HDCI - I don't know at all what I'm talking about)

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Thundervolt

    Hi everyone!

    Well, this blog is going to be exceptionally short, but it's straight to the point.

    I've made a usergroup dedicated to patrol the Wiki's blogs and forums, attempting to prevent and solve any flame wars or unaccepted behavior.

    If you wish to find out more, you may wish to search up the usergroup. Search for 'Tsunami Volt/The Neutralists'.

    To actually join, we have a voting system. However, as the usergroup is in the earlier stages of development, please leave a comment on this blog and I will respond as soon as possible.

    Thanks to user 'Dudebot121256 ' for his devotion and using his time to help improve the wiki! I could never have truly made this without him!

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  • Thundervolt

    This blog is meant to be showing some of the features (eg. CODPoints, dive to prone) that I hope gets implemented into the game. Sure, it's a long shot, but you can try, can't you?

    NOTE: If you disagree, don't troll me about it!

    1. Keep CODPoint system

    I actually like the fact that there is a currency system in the game. This helps players who are quite new to the first-person shooter genre get the guns they would want to get. However...

    2. Remove 'Wager Match' Playlists

    I find that the Wager Match playlist a bit of useless. It would have ben great to add more than just six players, but no, Treyarch fell short. It's a bit of a bother, really, that you have a 10-CODPoints wishlist.

    3. Keep the Maximum Prestige at Level 10.

    Prestige 15 is the ultim…

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  • Thundervolt

    This is a revision of my other custom map. Please comment - I really love your comments!

    "Group 935 has stations all across the world, each notorious for it's horrific designs and experiments. One of concern is the Fabrik 115 - the factory where Element 115 was truly discovered. The horrors have been unleashed and the horde of nightmares wreak havoc upon the abandoned factory. But deep in the heart of this unholy building, lies the key to the end of the zombie threat. Will the team pull it off, or will they join the dangers that lurk in the depths?"

    Planned description.

    Thanks to user V, for providing several perk ideas.

    John F. Kennedy and the rest of the 'Five' characters are holding off in the Pack-a-Punch room, about to be swarmed by massi…

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