(Several killstreaks are a bit "non-COD', and may generate criticism. I am happy for feedback, but please do not insult me or attempt to directly and negatively scrutinize any particular killstreak. Comments for edits or replacements are welcomed and highly appreciated)

3 Kills

UAV - Enables a radar scan. Cannot detect Shadowsuit users. (Shadowsuit is my own equivalent of Ghost and Cold-Blooded)

Counter-UAV - Disables enemy radar. Does not affect Technician users.

4 Kills

Predator Missile: Call in a Predator Missile - a user-controlled missile fired from a Predator Plane.

Care Package: Call in a air drop that gives the player a random killstreak, full ammo, a Minigun, or a AGL (Automatic Grenade Launcher). Killstreaks that require another air drop are received without the need to do so.

Sentry Gun: Call in a deployable mounted Minigun that automatically attacks players in it's sight range. Sentry Guns can detect any enemies in it's sight, but it will not deter from a target until it has lost it's sights.

5 Kills

Shock Airstrike: Call in a bomber that will drop bombs that incinerate targets, leaves a lethal fire, and cause enemies to receive shockwaves, that vary in severity and duration, depending on the distance from the closest shock bomb.

6 Kills

Hind Overpass: Call in a Hind that makes a single pass over the map, with four turrets that fire at any targets exposed. Will not target any Shadowsuit Advanced users.

Precision Airstrike: Three fighters bomb a single, designated area. The blast radius is lethal, but users of Shockproof Pro will survive any Precision Airstrike.

7 Kills

Harrier Airstrike: Two Harriers bomb a single line of destruction, while a third hovers behind and kills any targets around the map.

Attack Helicopter: A Cobra helicopter hovers above the map and uses dual burst-miniguns to eliminate targets.

8 Kills

Emergency Airdrop: Calls in a C-130 that drops four Care Packages in a single bundle, but split up just before reaching the ground. To compensate, all players, including the Emergency Airdrop user, take double the time to open each Care Package.

Manned Satellite: Enables a manned satellite that shows the direction and location of enemies. Does not locate Shadowsuit Advanced users.

9 Kills

VTOL Airstrike: Calls in three VTOL aircraft that sweep the entire map and use missile launchers to eliminate all targets.

Chopper Gunner: Calls in a user-controlled Havoc helicopter. The helicopter is armed with 25mm assault guns. The Havoc hovers above the map for 2 minutes.

11 Kills

Attack Dogs: A pack of four dogs search and eliminate any enemy players, with more attack dogs to reinforce any killed.

AC-130: Calls in an AC-130. Only has a single 105mm cannon, but the reload time is slightly faster.

12 Kills

VTOL Air Assault: Calls in four VTOL aircraft with gatling cannons that can pierce through multiple layers of concrete and steel. Only the most hardened structures can survive attacks.

Reinforcement: Calls in a Pave Low that drops twelve NPC controlled allies that fight until the end of the match. They are the equivalent of a Hardened Difficulty Combat Training NPC, and have different loadouts. Four of them use sub-machine guns, four use assault rifles, while four use light machine guns. They are generic and don't have any perks. However, they copy the appearance of the player who called them in.

15 Kills

EMP: Disables enemy Killstreaks, Radar and Equipment.

20 Kills

Prototype Rail Helicopter: Calls in a Prototype Helicopter with a mounted rail-gun. This rail-gun will eliminate individual opponents, and can pierce through all and any amount of surfaces. To help it live up to the 20 kill requirement, it hovers above the map for 4 minutes, and cannot be shot down.

(Note: The Rail Helicopter is a bit of a replacement for Tactical Nuke, since it does garner a massive amount of kills, but doesn't directly end the match, giving the opposing team a chance to still cling onto victory. Also, for those who believe this killstreak is too futuristic, I can agree with you, but rail-gun prototypes have already been developed and tested)

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