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"Group 935 has stations all across the world, each notorious for it's horrific designs and experiments. One of concern is the Fabrik 115 - the factory where Element 115 was truly discovered. The horrors have been unleashed and the horde of nightmares wreak havoc upon the abandoned factory. But deep in the heart of this unholy building, lies the key to the end of the zombie threat. Will the team pull it off, or will they join the dangers that lurk in the depths?"

Planned description.


Thanks to user V, for providing several perk ideas.


John F. Kennedy and the rest of the 'Five' characters are holding off in the Pack-a-Punch room, about to be swarmed by massive numbers of zombies. They have been holding out for days, but have managed to barricade the entrance to the Panic Room. Meanwhile, Richtofen and his gang are directing Robert Englund, Danny Trejo, Michael Rooker and Sarah Michelle Gellar to help them escape. When they teleport, they seemingly appear to be trapped in a void. However, they can see the factory and the landscape around it. However, they then divert into Shangri-La, and battle the zombies there. They find a mysterious artifact that resembles an Element 115 meteor. When Nikolai's curiosity forces him to examine the meteor, the teleporter in the Pack-a-Punch room begins to release huge energy outbursts, causing zombies to teleport into the War Room. With no other choice, John F. Kennedy and his squad jump into the teleporter. Both parties arrive in the factory's lobby. When they meet, they have a brief shootout, believing the other to be zombies that can now use weapons. However, when Dempsey rushes them, he realizes that they are not zombies and orders everyone to stand down. When discussing the circumstances relating the teleportation to a new place, zombies begin to charge the factory. They are forced to leave the complex, and land up in the outdoor laboratory.


The map is located on a desolate island, right in the middle of the soon-to-be Bermuda Triangle. The island is mostly flat, with the plateau the site of the main factory. The factory is extremely large, presumably larger than Ascension. The total playable area is almost twice as large as Call of the Dead.

The area consists of the factory and an outdoor laboratory. In top to bottom, there is the Roof, the Management Area, the Factory, and the Underground Mines and Experiment Chambers.



  • Sonic Wall: A replacement for the electroshock defenses and the fire pit, the Sonic Wall is a mechanism fitted with prototype sonic-technology. Fitted to be lethal against zombies, humans (and therefore, the players) can walk through without harm. To compensate for the ability to pass through, the cost is 1500. However, it will not affect the Nightmare Zombie, and it will momentarily trap the Juggernaut Zombie, only to have it burst right out of the effect and disable the Sonic Wall for a short period of time, then activate again without cost.
  • Cable Car: Located above the waterfall, the Cable Car acts like the Zipline in Shi No Numa - it is activated to bring it from the Cable Car Access Tower to the Rooftop. It costs 1500, and zombies can breach into the cabin. When the Neutron Assembly Easter Egg is completed, the Cable Car will crash into the side of the valley, and plunge into the waterfall. It is unusable from that point on - however, a rope bridge will replace it. It is free to use, but zombies may also freely use it as well.
  • Conveyor: Located in the factory, the Conveyer activates when the power is turned on. The Conveyor has four entrances, which both zombies and players can use. It is free, and is always on. The Conveyor accesses the Management Office, where the Maintenance Lift brings players to the caves, while the Management Lift brings players up, onto the roof (if it is available).
  • Auto Turret Mechanism: Located in the Courtyard, it acts like the Automated Turrets. Activated for 2000 points, the mechanism will attack any zombies that are in the courtyard. Zombies begin to be able to cross the courtyard under fire without dying by Round 30. At the completion of the Neutron Assembly, the Auto Turret Mechanism switches to using a plasma-like projectile. It kills instantly.
  • Vonder Power: This upgraded Pack-a-Punch Machine. Upgrades Pack-a-Punched Wonder Weapons. Like the Pack-a-Punch, this will create new benefits. It costs an astounding 10,000 points.
  • Perk-a-Holic: The Perk-a-Holic Machine acts as the Pack-a-Punch Machine for perks. It costs a shocking 15,000 points for each player, but as a slight bonus, will upgrade any already-purchased perks. The purchase of this will also allow players to buy more than four perks (although the effect is the same as the Random Perk Bottle dropped from the Juggernaut and Nightmare Zombie).
  • Flail Cannon: The Flail Cannon is perceived as a last-stand weapon, in case the zombies happen to break out of the facility. It is free, but like the Centrifuge, will activate on it's own will. It will not target players directly, but should its projectile happen to affect the player, momentarily stun them. It fires several flaming projectiles that instantly kill the zombies around it, but takes a long time between each shot.
  • Neutron Assembly Project: The Neutron Assembly Project is the masterpiece of the CED (Classified Experiments Division) branch of Group 935. It requires repairs, and these repairs is the base of the Neutron Assembly Easter Egg,

New/Updated Weapons

Special Grenades

Cluster Flash: The Cluster Flash acts as the Special Grenade. It releases an extremely powerful flash, which decapitates any zombies in the vicinity on any round.

Gersch Device: Returning from Ascension, the Gersch Device pulls zombies close to it. Unlike the Ascension version, jumping into the portal will not teleport the player - rather, the zombies close to the player will receive heavy damage for a short amount of time.

Quake Claymore: An upgraded version of the Claymore, the Quake Claymore sends a powerful sonic force outwards that blows zombies off their feet. Zombies close to the Claymore are gibbed.


Rashmaker: The Rashmaker is the new wonder weapon. It creates an extremely powerful shower of metallic fragments that disintegrates zombies. Upgraded, it becomes the Rash-Neutron Disassembler, which increases the magazine size and spare ammo, larger blast radius, and will not hurt the player. When it is Vonder Powered, it becomes the Kinetic Railgun. Zombies shot will emit a pulse that turns itself and zombies caught in the initial pulse to fight for the player. At the end of the round, they simply drop and die. It has no effect on the Juggernaut and Nightmare Zombie apart from its usual damage.

Original Magazine Size: 1 - Spare Ammo: 9

PaP Magazine Size: 3 - Spare Ammo: 12

VP Magazine Size: 5 - Spare Ammo: 18

Trinity Shower: The Trinity Shower is the second wonder weapon. It releases a plasma cannon that tracks zombies and kills them, having a limit to how many it kills before the projectile finally burns out. Upgraded, it becomes the Infinity Storm. It has more spare ammo, and zombies hit by the projectile will emit a sonic pulse that kills or damages zombies, depending on the distance. Vonder Powered, it becomes the Six-Star Shocker, which will kill all zombies on the map. It can only be obtained after the completion of the Neutron Assembly.

Original Magazine Size: 1 - Spare Ammo: 3 - Kill Limit: 10

PaP Magazine Size: 1 - Spare Ammo: 3 - Kill Limit: 10

VP Magazine Size: 2 - Spare Ammo 4 - Kill Limit: 24 (36 if Mutated Zombies spawn)

Ray Gun: Vonder Powered, it becomes the Ray 115Trio. The Ray 115Trio is more powerful, and releases a powerful blast that will radiate zombies that go through the cloud. Zombies will receive damage, but zombies will need to stay inside the cloud to continue receiving damage. Damage increases every round, so the number of shots needed per zombies is always 2 (1 on Round 1 - 20).

Original Magazine Size: 20 - Spare Ammo: 160 - Damage: 1000

PaP Magazine Size: 40 - Spare Ammo: 200 - Damage: 2000.

VP Magazine Size: 60 - Spare Ammo: 240 - Damage: 2000, increases by 50 every round until Round 30. Damage increases by 1.1 from Round 31 onwards.

Kirparis: A new addition, the Kirparis costs 1000. It has a magazine size of 20, and spare ammo is 160. Damage is 110 - 130. Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the Kirtains Klosed. Magazine size is now 100, and spare ammo is 300. It has an increased fire rate, and damage is 150 - 210. It also packs Incendiary Ammo, which pierces surfaces easier.

Enfield: Again, the Enfield is a new addition. It costs 1250. It has a magazine size of 30, and spare ammo is fixed at 270. Damage is 100 - 150. Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the Enigmatic 115. It has a magazine size of 50, and spare ammo is now a whopping 450. It also has an underbarrel flamethrower, which shoots Element 115 powered flames. This causes the zombies to eventually burn from the inside.

Grim Reaper: Obtained from the Mystery Box, it is a powerful rocket launcher. With 4 shots and 12 spare shots, it could be a lifesaver against large crowds. Pack-a-Punched, it becomes The Big Bang. It shoots 4 rockets at the same time, but has 12 shots and another 24 spare shots. Also, it reduces damage to the player if he/she is caught in the blast radius.


Now supporting eight players, the characters have returned and there are no new exceptions.

Tank Dempsey: Now wears a combat vest.

Nikolai Belinski: Multiple scars in his pants and shirts, while gloves are shredded.

Takeo Masaki: He wears a jacket and there is a large scar on his face.

Edward Richtofen: There is a small backpack on his back. His space suit from Ascension has been discarded, and he now wears a Spetznaz uniform with his original officer's hat.

Robert McNamara: His jacket has been removed, and he resembles Hudson in his short-sleeved shirt, with dark glasses similar to Hudson's.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: He now wears a decorative army commander's uniform, with lots of medals and studs.

Richard Nixon: He wears a long black overcoat.

Fidel Castro: He now sports a simple suit, although he has strapped ammo packs and bandoliers.

Special/New Zombies

Juggernaut Zombies - These are the zombified corpses of Juggernaut Zombies. These zombies sport extremely heavy armor, and require extraordinary amounts of damage (in relation to the round). On Round 1, a Juggernaut Zombie requires 5000 damage to die, and increase 1000 every round. They also have a ranged attack, when they are near death. This ranged attack is in the form of an air shockwave, but it causes only slight damage, but will push players back and stop them from moving for a short time. Juggernaut Zombies move extremely slowly, and will never run, dash or sprint, even in the higher rounds. One spawns every round, but if there is another still alive in the round, it will not spawn, and will not stack up. When one dies, it drops a Random Perk Bottle and Max Ammo. It may be a good idea to never kill the Juggernaut Zombie, as it can easily be avoided, but it could be useful in obtaining perks in the early rounds. It is therefore possible to have all seven perks before the power is turned on, if a group of players is lucky or manage to obtain powerful weapons from the Mystery Box.

Nightmare Zombie - The Nightmare Zombie is the new boss zombie. Every 5 rounds, the Nightmare Zombie spawns on top of the factory from the damaged teleporter. It has the ability to restrain players and affect them over a duration. Over time, the restrained player slowly loses his/her sight, their movement speed, and finally, will simply die (they will not go down, but they will still respawn in the next round). Due to the restrained player not able to attack, it will only appear in co-op modes. When it dies, it drops a Max Ammo, a Fire Sale, a Dead Shield, and a Random Perk Bottle.

Mutated Zombies - Mutated Zombies are a slightly upgraded version of the normal zombie. Mutated Zombies only appear if a player pulls the wrong switch in the Underground Mines. Their damage causes an effect where the player's vision is constantly blacked-out. Mutated Zombies have a metallic-burn like substance over their skin, and act and move more intensely than other zombies.

Special Power-Ups

Dead Shield - Players are covered in a dark, sight-removing shield that will instantly kill zombies around it. This gives the player a chance to revive a player or conserve ammo and clear a path. It lasts for 30 seconds.

Shadow Napalm - An extremely rare power-up, the Shadow Napalm increases damage to all weapons and gives an Incendiary effect, causing the weapon to easily pierce surfaces. Weapons that already have an Incendiary effect (Pack-a-Punched Olympia and Kiparis) or doesn't cause damage (the Rashmaker, the Trinity Shower or Special Grenades and Equipment) are not affected. It lasts for 20 seconds, but affects all players.

Upgraded/New Perks

Quick Revive: In Solo, it now costs 2500 points. This is to prevent spam of the Quick Revive. It now has unlimited uses. On Round 30 and above, it costs 4000 points to prevent any spamming, making this the most expensive perk (only under special circumstances). On solo, PaH will give the player one more magazine in each weapon and gives invulnerability for 10 seconds, while on co-op, it will only provide invulnerability for 10 seconds.

Juggernog: When it undergoes PaH, the player can take one-more hit, and will keep Juggernog if they go down. The icon is slightly transparent, but no effects or affected or lost. If the player goes down a second time without re-purchasing it, Juggernog is then lost.

Speed Cola: When it undergoes PaH, window boards are repaired near instantly, and reloading speed is now only 1/4 of the original time.

Double Tap Root Beer: When it undergoes PaH, fire rate is 3 times the original speed when aimed down the sight, and hip-fire recoil is reduced, stacking with Deadshot Daiquiri.

PhD Flopper: When PaH, it's damage is reduced to be a one-hit kill up to Round 15, but the player can now use it, even if the dive doesn't cause damage (it still won't work if one dives onto a zombie). Also, the PhD Flopper blast radius is larger, and downed players in the vicinity are instantly revived.

Stamin-Up: With PaH, the player now has unlimited sprint (though the sprint speed is around 20% slower), and passive running speed is fastened.

Deadshot Daiquiri: With PaH effects, recoil is non-existent, including hip-fire, ADS, and all sights and scopes.

Chili Con Carnage: Costs 3000 points. An aura is casted around the player that causes continuous damage, increasing with rounds so it doesn't become near-useless on higher rounds, but very easy to use on lower rounds. When it is PaH, the radius is increased, and the radius stays active when the player is downed (the perk will still be lost upon revival or respawn).

Martyrni Extra Sweet: Costs 2500 points. When a player is downed, zombies around him/her receive heavy damage, reducing their health to one or two knife slashes/stabs. When PaH, the radius is increased, and zombies very close to the downed player will simply die.

Easter Egg

The Fabrik Der Unterwelt's Easter Egg is extremely large - it passes the Shangri-La Eclipse, Call of the Dead Original Characters Trapped, and Ascension's Kassimir Mechanism in terms of both size and requirements.


The Easter Egg must be completed with 4 people - it can never be completed solo or 2/3 players

The Rash-Neutron Disassembler

The Hyena Infra-Dead

The ZeusCannon

All players must have a Porter's X2 Ray Gun

All players must have Juggernog, PhD Flopper, Stamin-Up and Chili Con Carnage.

All players must have the Quake Claymore, or be lucky enough to obtain a Max Ammo

One player must have the Cluster Flash

One player must have the Gersch Device

It would be wise for each player to have a considerable amount of points

It would also be wise if there were multiple crawlers or zombies (5 are required, but one step has a high chance of failing, so more are recommended)

The Easter Egg

Step 1

The power must be turned on, and all doors that can currently be unlocked must be opened.

Step 2

When that happens, a loudspeaker notification appears, and tells players to travel down into the Underground Mines. Players must do so.

Step 3

A large button is placed on the cave wall. When it is pressed, the entire cave wall collapses, and the Underground Mine is now accessible, even without the completion of the Easter Egg.

Step 4

Eight buttons are placed throughout the mining facility. Players must open the doors, and press the buttons at the same time. They are located in the Sanitization Chambers, the Gas Chambers, the Re-Animation Chambers, and the Body Identification and Experimentation Chambers.

Step 5

When the buttons are placed, a new door opens in the Underground Mines. The players must travel here. They will notice that the room is sufficiently lower, low enough that it is impossible to climb out.

Step 6

Eight different paths are located here. Each one will only allow one player in, and if multiple do, then the players who have entered will be downed by Automatic Sentry Guns. If this happens, the Easter Egg must be delayed until the next round, but the players will be trapped here, so it is extremely dangerous. The eight players must each travel in one path, and try to get to the end of the path, while avoiding multiple Mutated Zombies that start to spawn. Once the doors are locked (when the player travels sufficiently further down the tunnel), the Mutated Zombies start to spawn extremely rapidly. The player must reach the end of the tunnel, and wait for the other players to make it out. Once a player makes it out, their respective tunnel is locked, but if another fails to make it, all tunnels are opened, and players must fend off for themselves. If all players succeed, a lift will bring them up to a secret chamber, while another unlocks that will bypass the paths. If the players fail, the lift will bring them out of the chamber, and return to the Underground Mine Lift Lobby, and lock itself so players don't use it to bypass the paths. If the players stay too long in here, the round ends, and new zombies start to come in through the ground and walls.

Step 7

The Neutron Assembly Project Room is revealed to be what the elevator brings you to. However, it is clear that the Neutron Assembly Project is missing some parts. However, a malfunction causes the chamber to lock itself, and a Nightmare Zombie spawns inside the chamber, so the players must kill it. However, it appears that it cannot attack, so it makes it all the easier to kill it. If the players are out of ammo, a Max Ammo spawns once every 5 minutes, but with every consecutive Max Ammo, the Nightmare Zombie regains all health. This gives the players 5 minutes to kill the Nightmare Zombie.

Step 8

When the Nightmare Zombie dies, it releases an energy pulse that activates the Neutron Assembly Project. When this happens, the players are teleported directly to the Underground Mine Lift Lobby.

Step 9

Players will find that a new door in the Living Quarters Lobby has opened. This leads players to the Cable Car Access Tower. Players will discover that a generator is in need of repairs, that seemingly powers the Cable Car. However, it cannot be powered by conventional means, and players need to use a Rash-Neutron Disassembler shot on the Generator, which will spark a pulse. A Gersch Device must then be thrown into the Generator, in which it will be absorbed, along with one zombie, injured or untouched. This may end the round, so players need to be careful in this step. When this happens, the Cable Car is powered, and players may now freely use this.

Step 10

The Cable Car must be used, which brings players to the Rooftop. The Rooftop is now accessible. When players arrive, they will discover a Nightmare Zombie that is trapped inside what appears to be a metallic-looking, but seemingly non-existent cage, that is covered in an energy sphere. Players must each stand on the four pedestals. If this happens, the energy sphere absorbs them, and their Porter's X2 Ray Gun changes to the Shadow Lantern. If a player does not have the Porter's X2 Ray Gun, the energy sphere will simply not activate. The players must shoot their Shadow Lantern at the Nightmare Zombie. However, they find that their projectiles travel extremely slowly, and the cage is free to move (away from the projectiles). Players must attempt to trap the cage with their projectiles and work together. After 2 minutes, if the cage is not destroyed, the energy sphere disintegrates, and players are teleported to the Cable Car Access Tower.

Step 11

When the Nightmare Zombie is hit, he is forced to use his remaining energy and break out of the cage, but reveals the second generator. Players will re-obtain their Porter's X2 Ray Gun, and must use any means necessary to kill the Nightmare Zombie. When killed, the restraining on the generator is released, and any damage (including a contact from a grenade) will destroy it.

Step 12

The third generator can be located on the Plaetau Bridge. It is locked behind a simple cage, and a pressure plate requires all eight players to step on it. However, the pressure plate is a trap, and locks itself in the cage. However, the security system, having been damaged from the zombie outbreak, part-disentigrates, and falls into the waterfall. However, the disintegration of the generator causes a powerful energy outburst that spreads the eight parts into eight alcoves of the waterfall (Players cannot exit until this part of the Easter Egg is complete, but some players could alternatively camp here - zombies cannot come through the alcoves and must jump over the waterfall, channeling all zombies in one single tunnel). Players must attempt to retrieve them, but the energy is actively reacting with the rocks - these rocks are now powered with Element 115, and the rocks dissolve, showing fossilized Juggernaut Zombies. They become alive, and players must try and kill them - once they travel down, they cannot escape until the generator part is retrieved. Therefore, this is an extremely dangerous step that must not be failed.

Step 13

The generator is assembled, but it is lacking the energy required to activate it. A switch breaks through the ground, but will end the round, no matter how many zombies there are (killing those alive, which may be either a lifesaver or a doom-bringer). When the switch activates, a Juggernaut Zombie spawns directly outside the waterfall. They must use the Juggernaut Zombie to walk directly into the generator. It will self-destruct, but near-instanteneously repair, and cause the Juggernaut Zombie to de-materialize into the generator and power it up. Players can then destroy it with any type of damage.

Step 14

When the generator is destroyed, a lift starts descending, appearing to be connected to some sort of crane. A turret is located on the bottom of the lift, and will shoot with incredible accuracy, rate of fire, and infinite damage at zombies that enter the cave. Players must use the lift to escape. The crane, however, dismantles, and crashes into the laboratory. The Inner Sanctuary's Guard Tower is now destroyed, and the crane smashes into it, causing a crater in it that reveals the Top Secret Factory Section. Here, it can be seen that zombies are being experimented on, and redesigned teleporters are located everywhere.

(Please see "Future Story Plot" for more information in this section)

Step 15

The crane releases the characters early, but denies access to the Top Secret Factory Section. However, the fourth generator can be clearly seen through the metal grating. However, the security systems brings up an energy shield that will destroy it. The crane easily breaks it though, so players need to attempt to use the crane to try and destroy the generator. Quite a simple step, players need to shoot the crane with one Rash-Neutron Disassembler. It will disintegrate the crane, but the energy shield will collapse on itself and seal the Top Secret Factory Section along with the generator. Sound warnings go off, and the Neutron Assembly Project is finally activated.

Step 16

Players must return to the Neutron Assembly Project Room. However, when they arrive, the Neutron Assembly Machine is exceeding safety protocols, and the security system half-shutdowns the machine. However, doing so reveals four chambers, and the eight players must go in four pairs, one pair in each chamber. Once all the players are situated, the chamber doors close.

Step 17

The chambers are filled with four puzzles that are different for each chamber. However, they require all of the requisites that players must have (apart from the special Wonder Weapons, although they assist with zombies).

17A - Chamber of the Undead Fire

The chamber is filled with fire pits that constantly switch positions. More over, special Mutated Zombies that are immune to the fire attempt to attack the players, and will slightly push them back. Unlike normal fire pits, they won't cause immediate downing, but their damage is enough to prevent a player with Juggernog and Stamin-Up (even their PAH version) from running across. A switch, when activated, will unlock the chamber, kill any living zombies, and disable the fire pits.

17B - Chamber of the Undead Earth

The chamber is a simple tunnel that requires players to move across speed-limiting terrain, whilst defending themselves from hordes of Mutated Zombies that move at a normal speed. Sprinting and Stamin-Up have very little effect. The switch will kill all zombies and remove the speed-limiting effect.

More Steps To Come!

Map Description

Outdoor Laboratory

Plateau Bridge - A large platform that connects the factory to the Outdoor Laboratory. However, the Factory Entrance is blocked, and the power must be turned on to raise the doors. The platform rises directly above the Waterfall, but when the Neutron Assembly Project Easter Egg is completed, the Plateau Bridge will ascend higher to cater for the Cable Car.

Number of Windows: 4

Number of Doors: 3

Factory Entrance (Blocked Until Power Is Used)

Living Quarters (750 points)

Courtyard (750 points)

Wall Weapons:

Olympia - 500 points

M14 - 500 points

CZ75 - 1000 points

Perk Machines:

Quick Revive (1500/2500 points - Active from beginning in Solo)

Living Quarters - The office room for the living quarters of the factory. It is small, but has a single window, so this is a possible camping place if one has a good defense strategy and helpful weapons.

Number of Windows: 1

Number of Doors: 2

Plateau Bridge (750 points)

Southern Wing (1000 points)

Wall Weapons:

PM63 (1000 points)

Southern Wing - The South Wing of the Living Quarters Building, it is the least destroyed out of the four wings and the Guard Room. It has two windows and one ground spawn, but the four doors are located right next to each other, so holding out here is not as a bad idea as it seems.

Number of Windows: 2

Number of Ground Spawns: 1

Number of Doors: 4

Wall Weapons:

Stakeout (1500 points)

Mystery Box Spawn Location

Perk Machines:

Chili Con Carnage (3000 points)

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