This blog is meant to be showing some of the features (eg. CODPoints, dive to prone) that I hope gets implemented into the game. Sure, it's a long shot, but you can try, can't you?

NOTE: If you disagree, don't troll me about it!

1. Keep CODPoint system

I actually like the fact that there is a currency system in the game. This helps players who are quite new to the first-person shooter genre get the guns they would want to get. However...

2. Remove 'Wager Match' Playlists

I find that the Wager Match playlist a bit of useless. It would have ben great to add more than just six players, but no, Treyarch fell short. It's a bit of a bother, really, that you have a 10-CODPoints wishlist.

3. Keep the Maximum Prestige at Level 10.

Prestige 15 is the ultimate goal of most players here, but for some reason, I see A LOT of 15s. It's almost a certainty that these are most likely hackers or modders, but of course, there are a few cases where I am wrong. It would be better to have like, 100 levels than 5 extra prestiges.

4. Implement an online mode for 'Survival Mode'.

What I don't mean here is have a leaderboard. If it didn't, it's near useless. What I mean is that it should also have a separate store area, where you could buy weapons to start off with, perks, or even the ability to, I don't know, have a few friendly AI?

5. Remove the Tier levels from Spec Ops.

What I am referring to here is to remove the 'Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo' levels. I don't really get the tier-ing system. It would just be better to either let all the Special Ops missions out at one time, or again, implement another online system, where XP could be gained from the time it took to the amount of kills (or anything similar as such).

6. Introduce a Tier 4 perk slot.

It would be great to have a Tier 4 perk slot. What I am proposing is that Tier 1 perks affect your character (Lightweight, Marathon etc.), Tier 2 perks affect your character's ability (Scavenger, Ninja), Tier 3 perks affect your character's statistics (Flak Jacket, Juggernaut) and Tier 4 introduces your weapon and equipment options (Sonic Boom, Stopping Power).

7. Remove the Heartbeat Sensor.

The Heartbeat Sensor is an amazing attachment, yes. The only problem I have is the fact that is extremely overused, due to it's ability to find players. This turns Search and Destroy games into a nightmare.

8. Rather than wait for a period of time, introduce a power switch in Headquarters.

The maps should be redesigned so that the building that houses the HQ is in the centre of the map, one team spawns in it, the other spawns all around it. The power switch simply allows the HQ to be turned on, allowing the capturing team to hold the HQ for as long as possible. This means that it becomes a bit less neutral, and would have to have multiple rounds.

9. Remove the Tactical Nuke, but introduce a new killstreak to fill the slot.

I simply disagree with the idea of having a Tactical Nuke deep in Manhattan. It would be better to have like, Carpet Bombing or Missile Salvo Annihilation, something that is almost as good as the Tactical Nuke (although it doesn't end the match), just a bit more logical.

Thanks for ultimately listening (or reading, I guess). Please leave your comments below.

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