AHHHH I CANT STAND MW2 ANYMORE!!! I have tried to defend the game so much, but it just keeps on failing me!!

SO MANY NOOBS, every game i play there is at least 2 noobs using nade launchers OMA or Scavenger and dangerclose!!, there is a knife monkey, and then like everybody else is a tryhard, players PLEASE STOP TRYHARDING PLAY THE GAME FOR FUN, DONT TRY TO GET IMPOSSIBLE SCORES PLAY THE GAME WITH FUN, like try not to camp!!!!!!!!

OH MY so i am starting to play BFBC2 and it takes like a whole day to rank up 1 time!!, but...

on the bright side i got a nuke on storm, my first nuke since 2nd prestige (im 10th now and im Legit)

Sooooo anybody have some good PS3 game suggestions to get away from CoD of BFBC2?

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