What would you choose as your favorite weapon out of these choices:

Assault Rifles:

M4A1 or TAR 21:

AK47 or SCAR-H

M16A4 or FAMAS

ACR or Tar 21

and whats your opinion on the FAL and F2000


P90 or UMP45:


and whats your opinion on the Vector


RPD or LSW L86:

MG4, AUG, or M240:

Sniper Rifles:

Barrett or Intervention:

WA2000 or M21:


Ranger or Model 1887: (not akimbo)

AA12 or Striker:

Spas 12 or M1014:


M9 or USP45

Desert Eagle or Magnum:

Machine Pistols:

PP2000 or TMP

Glock18 or M93Raffica

Do you guys use the riot shield?

Semtex or Frag Grenade

Claymore or C4

Tactical Insertion or Blast Shield

Tactical Knife or Throwing knife?

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