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  • Tigernose

    No doubt that Modern Warfare 3 will not be the end game in the sub-series. But there is a clear story-arc that encompasses the first trilogy of MW3, and it will reach a conclusion in this game.

    This blog is simply what I think would be epic to end Modern Warfare 3 with. Not to be taken seriously, just a bit of a laugh - but I wouldn't mind it being in the game...

    The game played similar to Call of Duty 4; intense sequences broken up by dark, eerie stealth missions - where you absorb the plot dramatically through these operations.

    Price has been kidnapped and taken to a secret compound near Moscow, where Makarov is hiding after a succesful defensive operation in New York and London from the Western coalition forces.

    Soap and a small SAS team have…

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  • Tigernose

    Treyarch just felt that pulling a Modern Warfare type of game on a game set 50 years before it would work as it did with Modern Warfare itself, and it did. More sales than its predecessor. They succeeded, yeah.

    They succeeded in coming up with another shit game every year with no actual good work gone into it and hyped it up and sold it. This is why games like Killzone, GT5, Bad Company, Elder Scrolls and etc work with us gamers. The developers work hard on it. The goal isn't to make as much money as possible and sit on it with their lazy asses. That's why those games haven't got as much sales. Less hype, more of the gameplay.

    Treyarch succeeded and reached Activision's goals. Modern Warfare 3 may be the same. For me, Activision is one of th…

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  • Tigernose


    June 24, 2010 by Tigernose

    Well, we all know who Kriegler is. I've got a weird feeling about him though. He smells fishy. It's probably me watching too much Doctor Who, but these secret messages ought to add up to something. I have feeling he will be a villain in Modern Warfare 3. Many great storylines have these small mentions that mean nothing when first seen, but add up to a huge dilemma at the end.

    What do you think about this. You don't need to reeducate me about him, I know he was going to be the hostage in the plane and etc., just tell me what you think about Kriegler and what role in the future games he may have. --Tigernose ChatEdits 23:39, June 24, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Tigernose

    According to this article, Call of Duty 8 will probably be Modern Warfare 3 and will not be the action-adventure game. Instead, that will be a spin-off.

    So should we delete the redirect at Call of Duty 8 or put some news up on the main page?

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  • Tigernose

    Tactical Nuke rant!

    February 12, 2010 by Tigernose

    I'm getting tired of dying through a Tactical Nuke. Here's a better idea, instead of killing yourself but somehow winning the game, even if it is a completely unrealistic and unrelevant game mode like Search and Destroy, how about you don't die at the end of the game. Instead, as soon as you turn the key, helicopters arrive and pick you up and transport you out of the battefield. While in the helicopter you are still vulnerable to attack, but so is the opposing team, so a skilled player could shoot off the enemy team while in the helicopter, either via their gun or the heli's minigun?

    Good idea? Stop you from being one death away from the Flawless achievement even by showing immense skill by not being killed by the enemy team once?

    What do y…

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