Treyarch just felt that pulling a Modern Warfare type of game on a game set 50 years before it would work as it did with Modern Warfare itself, and it did. More sales than its predecessor. They succeeded, yeah.

They succeeded in coming up with another shit game every year with no actual good work gone into it and hyped it up and sold it. This is why games like Killzone, GT5, Bad Company, Elder Scrolls and etc work with us gamers. The developers work hard on it. The goal isn't to make as much money as possible and sit on it with their lazy asses. That's why those games haven't got as much sales. Less hype, more of the gameplay.

Treyarch succeeded and reached Activision's goals. Modern Warfare 3 may be the same. For me, Activision is one of the must disgusting companies on this earth, and that turd should be scraped off our land as soon as possible. Make money, do nothing. Change the maps, add a mediocre story... HYPE! Billions of dollars. Goal achieved.

The perfect CoD game would be Infinity Ward's storyline and multiplayer and servers and engine, Treyarch's community support, dedication and thought through process (many balance changes added that were well thought through). However, this would probably take 3 years to develop, which of course is a FAR TOO LONG TIME FOR ACTIVISION TO GO WITHOUT A FEW MORE BILLION DOLLARS.

The previous rant was from Sgt S.S's blog post as a comment from me. At least 3 different people offered me vodka. I'd like to thank them now.

Anyways, what do you guys think of my stance? I just really think that Activision are the worst company in the world in every single way. All the want is money, and are willing to do any kind of shit possible to get it. Possibly one of the richest game publishers. They are like those retarded film producers. Ask for another crap sequel, hype the fuck out of it and get the money.

Funnily enough, Homefront is really trying to hype it up to become the CoD killer. Homefront is everywhere. YouTube, preroll advert for Homerfront. Turn on the telly, advert for Homefront. Go to school, on the side of the bus it says Homefront. The game isn't even out for about 3 weeks! They really want to surprass CoD by taking the tactic of hyping it up. Although there is some innovation in there, Homefront is just another CoD clone which an idiotic story revolving around how North Korea managed to somehow invade the US. Since when will that ever happen?

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