No doubt that Modern Warfare 3 will not be the end game in the sub-series. But there is a clear story-arc that encompasses the first trilogy of MW3, and it will reach a conclusion in this game.

This blog is simply what I think would be epic to end Modern Warfare 3 with. Not to be taken seriously, just a bit of a laugh - but I wouldn't mind it being in the game...

The game played similar to Call of Duty 4; intense sequences broken up by dark, eerie stealth missions - where you absorb the plot dramatically through these operations.

Price has been kidnapped and taken to a secret compound near Moscow, where Makarov is hiding after a succesful defensive operation in New York and London from the Western coalition forces.

Soap and a small SAS team have to rescue Price, and attempt to assasinate Makarov - as intel has hinted that Makarov is in the Moscow compound.

The team arrive and inflitrate in a series of stealth sequences. They reach the cell where they believe Price is being held, enter, and see him strapped to a chair. The cell is dark, with a small lamp as the only source of light next to the chair. Soap tries to get Price to talk, but he gets no response.

He hears a "Shhhh" and realises it is not coming from Price or his team. A golden Desert Eagle appears next to Price's head, where out of the shadows Makarov walks out. His men shoot the rest of the squad and Soap is stabbed in the chest, left on the floor squirming.

He delivers a speech as any villain does (with some Russian in there) and ends by shooting Price in the head - killing him instantly. He starts walking away, leaving Soap with in the cold of the dark dying a slow death, shocked by the gravity of the situation and the apparent death of Price.

This is when out of nowhere three men breach the wall and burst in. Makarov alarmed tries to turn around but is shot between the eyes and the rest of his guards and shot dead too.

They are Nikolai, Kamarov and Ghost, the latter of which with a clear wound in his chest.

Choppers sound and you are taken away by the trio outside, where you see helicopters arriving. You are slowly blinking, with a blurred vision and dramatic music plays (like at the end of CoD 4) while you try to make out several Loyalists and SAS forces fending off Makarov's forces to protect the rescue operation.

You, Soap, are flown away in the helicopter, hearing reminiscient voices. Struggling to breath, you have flashbacks from the end of Call of Duty 4, shooting Zakhaev and having Kamarov rescue you. You then have flashbacks to your time in Afghanistan, where Price and Nikolai saved you.

You start seeing the real world again inside the helicopter - flying over a war-ridden Moscow. You continue to blink and your eyes close and the game cuts to the credits, continuing with the music.

The epilogue mission is you controlling Ghost just after getting shot in the chest near the Georgia-Russia border. It shows how you were saved by Kamarov, who remarks "he still owes the British".

Like it? I think it would be nice to end the game with our best buddies, Nikolai, Kamarov and Ghost in an epic ending that mixes both CoD 4 and MW2 elements.

Essentially a main character dying but an epic rescue operation, filled with the typical blinking and violin music you hear throughout dramatic sequences in the first MW.

--Tigernose Throwing knife ChatEdits 17:13, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

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