• TmanteDeNigguido

    Tier 1(Blue)

    • Scavanger-Able to rsupply ammo and lethal/tactical grenades from dead bodies(doesn't refill equipment) Pro version:Start off with extra magazines and extra lethal and tactical grenades
    • Life Line-Less blood on screen when shot and blood fades quicker Pro version:Increases health recovery speed and less flintch when shot
    • Assassin-Uneffected by enemy UAV and Heartbeat sensor Pro version:Uneffected by enemy Counter UAV and no red cross hair or name when targeted
    • Specialist-Move faster and lighter Pro version:You walk,prone,crouch,stand up,and climb over obstacles faster and capture objectives slightly faster(domination)
    • Blind Eye-Imune to computer and enemy controlled killstreaks Pro version:Uneffected by enemy equipment and proximity explo…
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