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Modern Warfare 3 Perk Wishlist

Tier 1(Blue)

  • Scavanger-Able to rsupply ammo and lethal/tactical grenades from dead bodies(doesn't refill equipment) Pro version:Start off with extra magazines and extra lethal and tactical grenades
  • Life Line-Less blood on screen when shot and blood fades quicker Pro version:Increases health recovery speed and less flintch when shot
  • Assassin-Uneffected by enemy UAV and Heartbeat sensor Pro version:Uneffected by enemy Counter UAV and no red cross hair or name when targeted
  • Specialist-Move faster and lighter Pro version:You walk,prone,crouch,stand up,and climb over obstacles faster and capture objectives slightly faster(domination)
  • Blind Eye-Imune to computer and enemy controlled killstreaks Pro version:Uneffected by enemy equipment and proximity explosives are delayed

Tier 2(Red)

  • Sleight of Hand-Increases reload speed Pro version:ADS faster and quicker weapon switch
  • Sharp Shooter-Makes recoil more preddictable and controlable(instead of swaying left and right,it only bounces in the middle and top) Pro version:Increases hip fire accuracy and reduces shotgun pellet spread
  • Recon-You hold your breathe longer and have less idle sway with sniper rifle Pro version:Enemies stay on radar longer when they shoot or UAV is up and shows where they're facing and able to spot enemy equipment
  • Demolionist-You arm/defuse bomb objectives faster(search & destroy and demolition) Pro version:Increases explosion radius(not damage just splash radius) and reduces explosive damage taken
  • Weapon Master-Able to add an extra attachment to primary weapon(default being 2 for primary and can't add extra with an underbarrel attachment equiped) Pro version:Able to add two attachments to secondary and hardens bullets increasing bullet penetration

Tier 3(Green)

  • Point Guard-Every two assist you get count as one kill for you Pro version:Killstreaks require one less kill and able to randomly swap(re-roll) care package prize
  • Tactician-Quicker knife recovery speed and you take no fall damage Pro version:Able to throw grenades faster and farther and reduces the effects of tactical grenades(stun,flash,gas)
  • Dead silence-Silence and quiets footsteps,knifing,reloading,planting,and grunting Pro version:Makes enemies louder(cancels/uneffects enemies with dead silence) and enemies shows no death icon(skull) when killed
  • Engineer-Able to hack enemy equipment and killstreaks Pro version:Able to repair friendly turrets and launchers lock on to aircraft faster
  • Marathon-Increases sprint duration Pro version:Unlimited sprint duration and faster sprint time recovery

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