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Doctor Who dalek episode

It's the year 2013, and call of duty 9 has come out. Yes, we're all sad to acknowledge that it is another ww2 game made by treyarch.

  • American campaign: Our friends the 90th Infantry Division are back, and they're clearing the nazis out of france and back into germany
  • Russian campaign: Sgt 'you just grazed him' Reznov, Pvt 'They're already bleeding to death' Chernov, and Pvt. Dimitri 'I can't talk' Petrenko are doing missions in that 3 year gap.
  • British campaign: There are no soldiers, only daleks. You control Dalek no.4949499494949499494949949494949494949494949494994494949494949494320974028570498750498750985760985370698570698750867509687506870549867059487605948765043198750943827544 (yeah, there's lots) and laugh as germans are killed in a bloody mess. Ouch thats gonna hurt!

BBFC Rating: 18 (Contains very extreme blood and gore)


  • IGN: 8/10 (WTF! Daleks!)
  • Gamespot: 0/10 (daleks spoil it and the american and russian campaigns don't make sense)
  • Comic Book Guy: -848480952709487609487609854706875402986754042986570493876509587609587326098217509847305984756098750298760958760958720698576098570698750/10 (Worst. Game. Ever)
  • Kenny mccormick off south park: *mumble* *muffle*

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