• Todster9

    On the official Call of Duty youtube channel, they have released an "Interactive Trailer". This trailer, which can be viewed here consists of the original Black Ops II reveal trailer broken up into six segments consisting of 5 chapters and a synopsis. When watchching the video in interractive mode, you have the option of watching another video in a pop up window relevant to the chapter you have selected. Each video ties Black Ops II to the real world and explains how this future is not as far away as we think. The chapter listings are as follows:

    1. Chapter 1 - How Far We've Come
    2. Chapter 2 - It's Not Science Fiction
    3. Chapter 3 - The Oops Moment
    4. Chapter 4 - When the Enemy Steals the Keys
    5. Chapter 5 - Black Ops
    6. Synopsis - We're Not Ready
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