We all know that speculation is not allowed on here. However, too much of it has occurred during the past week regarding the Der Eisendrache page. Speculation on such topics as weapons and perks has been the source of source of information that is likely to be false. This false information is liable to be used by people such as Youtubers and fans who look to this wiki for info. For example, in YouTube videos such as this: and this:, perks such as PhD Flopper and Electric Cherry are said to be "confirmed" simply because they looked to our wiki and cited us as their source. What happens when Electric Cherry and PhD Flopper do not appear in Der Eisendrache? We lose the respect and trust of Youtubers and Zombies fans, simply because of speculation.

Speculation is an issue, and rules against speculation should be enforced more strictly. Any revision including speculation should be undone quickly, and any pages being vandalized by anons should be protected as well. ToonToons22 (talk) 23:51, February 1, 2016 (UTC)

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