Map of the week is a new seriese of blogs that I will be making. They are inspired by Squirtle's Gun of the week blogs. Anyway, here we go! Our first map will be one of my favorites, Terminal.



  • Medium sized map. Good for SMG's
  • If someone comes up the ladder on the plane, you can blow them up when they least expect it
  • The book store has a book called butt ugly :)
  • Good hiding spots
  • Good carepackege spots
  • Good spawns
  • Theres a panda book
  • Fun enviorment.


  • People always camp in the cockpit of the plane
  • You can easily die while running hrough the glass hallway
  • AC-130's can shoot you almost everywhere. It's the same with all other airborn kill streaks
  • Go near the inside entrance to the plane-DEAD
  • Go on top of the plane-DEAD

Its over???Nooooooo.....

Terminal's rating is 8.1. That's all for this week! Join me again next Sunday for another edition of Map of the week.

Menu mp weapons l96a1 Tr0529 Letz talk HK21 Menu Icon BO21:45, September 18, 2011 (UTC)

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