I decided to make a blog on my opinions on all the maps in Black Ops. If you agree with me or disagree put comments. Anyway Here We Go!!!

Note: This is just my opinion. It does not mean its real.

This is it!!!

Nacht der Untoten-Good map. I really like this one. Due to the Black Ops weapons, it doesn't feel the same. Over all, it's a good map, though.

Verruckt-I'm not impressed with one. I don't know why, but I just no opinion on this.

Shi No Numa-Not good for solo. But it is fun in multiplayer.

Der Riese-One of the best. Really fun map and it is obsessive.

Kino der Toten-Best zombies map in BLoPz. Although it's not my Favorite.

Nubby Nub- No, just no.

Other Nubby Nub-Per my reasoning above.

Ascension-My favorite map. It's just really fun.

Call of the Dead-Another good one, but there are better.

Maggot Jungle-I hate this map for some reason.

Moon-Extreamly fun map. (I liek nao gravity)

Thats all folks.

Thats all the Zombie Maps..........for now.

^Fail Tr0529 I'm a nub 22:48, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

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