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in response to some of my friends talking about MW3 guns and such,i decided to bring this topic up."Overpowered Weapons"

I never really understood the concept of something being overpowered,alot of people complained about the UMP being overpowered,sure it was overused.and extremely annoying,the only thing i thought was unfair in Modern Warfare 2 was One Man Army with Grenade Launchers,for obvious reasons.When Black Ops came vision changed,i realized that the Famas/AUG are both overpowered and made many weapons obsolete.They have the highest default Firerate in the game,and are both capable of a 3 hit kill at mid range,no submachine gun can match that,even the higher level guns like the G11 and the Commando struggle to take Famas users down.The Famas/AUG are overpowered because 98% of the time,the person who is using the MPL or the Enfield will stand no chance against the Famas/AUG user,hence the reason they are OP. the term "Overpowered" is thrown around alot but in my opinion,means something thats give a SIGNIFICANT advantage over someone who isn't using said weapon.

so here's the grand sceme,the Famas/AUG as well as the good old MP40 (i did play a bit of WaW) are infact overpowered.but how can we fix this in MW3?,i don't think guns should be identical clones of each other (Enfield,Galil,AK47,Commando are near identical), i think it should follow something like this.

High Rate of Fire- Low Damage,sort of like the Vector from MW2
Low Rate of Fire-High Damage, similar to the M60 or Skorpion from black ops
Medium Rate of Fire-Medium damage,sort of like the AK47 from COD4

the same applies to shotguns,a shotgun can have a long range and massive damage if the Rate of Fire is slow,sort of like the Pre-Patch 1887 without akimbo,which should never have been patched in the first place,only akimbo needed to be patched.and vice versa,a high rate of fire,average range and decent damage,similar to the Striker or AA12/USAS.

see a trend? The weapons don't half to be clones of one another,but the Damage per second,as well as the time to kill,need to be very consistant and close to eachother.that is where the real problem lies.

Do you agree with this?,otherwise how would you balance MW3?,there has to be some sort of balance otherwise everyone and their grandma will be using one gun and there will be no point to having more than 5-6 guns (Yes ,im talking to you FamAUG!).

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