out of boredom i decided to do my own weapon replacements & fixes for weapons in black ops that are stupid,anachronistic or just plain useless,the idea came from Raven.

anacrhonisms and accuracy.:

ASP Replaced with S&W Model 39 or a Mk.22 MOD 0
Galil replaced with HK33
Famas F1 Felin replaced with Beretta AR70
Kiparis replaced with MAT-49
AUG replaced with TKB-408 prototype (polymer stock and handgaurd instead of wood)
MP5K replaced with stockless HK54
MAC11 replaced with MAC10
Spectre replaced with S&W M76
AK74u replaced with AKMSU.
PSG1 replaced with G3 SG1
Skorpion replaced with CZ25
Commando replaced with XM177
SPAS 12 replaced with Remington 1100
KS23 replaced with AL48
M60E3 replaced with original M60
L96 Artic Warfare replaced with M40A1
WA2000 replaced with AR10
RPK74 replaced with original RPK
CZ75 replaced with Heckler and Koch VP70M or a Browning Hi Power.

guns with problems.

Dragunov (increase the horrific damage multipliers)
Uzi (lower the terrible recoil and increase the center speed,the recoil is worse than the F2000!)
all pistols (increase the lousy damage to a four hit kill)
M14 and FAL (nothing wrong,just increase the firecap,stupid gun keeps jamming,F*#& you treyarch!)
Olympia (awesome gun,just increase the reload speed by 35%)
RPK (please fix the terrible recoil,like the uzi)
Famas and AUG (really overpowered,add recoil and drop the damage to 30-20)
AK74u(make it so warlord cannot be used with grip and rapid fire on that (censored) gun!)

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