Have you ever been playing any Call of Duty Game and saw something so stupid, you ended up behind your controller or keyboard with a twitch and a hanging jaw? I was playing Modern Warfare 2 Campaign on Loose Ends, When Shepherd shot Roach and Ghost I was just, "Oh my god, What the Hell just freakin' happened??!"

Or When the Nuke went off in Modern Warfare, I was thinking "0_o Did that just happen? That was the nuke?! That's what a nuclear explosion looks like??!"

And Finally, when Price shot Al-Asad, "Wow. I was expecting something more, um, Epic. That felt anti-climactic." And then, "Aww, I wanted to shoot him."

I just finished Call of Duty 3, and when Baron got shot, I said, "Wow. What happened to' Protect the battalion's radio?"

I also beat World at War, and when Sullivan got stabbed, "What the shit just happened?"

When Chernov got flamed I said, "Why isn't the flag on fire, and WTF??!!"

What made you go "What the heck just happened?"

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