Call of Duty is an annual game, with not much development time, which comes to show why the games aren't as great as they could be. I still enjoy them a lot, so I felt like reviewing them.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Let's begin with Modern Warfare. Let's face it, this game was important to the first person shooter genre, as it paved the way for the general multiplayer factor of most FPS games we see now. It seems to be the most loved game of the franchise by fans, as I've seen dubbed as fresh, classic, and the best Call of Duty way more than any other. Still doesn't beat COD1, but let's face, no COD has. Let's start with the thing that most people only care about in this series, the multiplayer. As I said before, this game paved the way of multiplayer for a lot of franchises with it's Create a Class, and basically how it works. There wasn't a map I did not like in the game, and it was a fun experience. Now the campaign. Honestly, I wasn't fond with Modern Warfare's campaign, well, I never liked the campaign of any game in the MW series. It generally bored me, and the storyline was so-so. But Captain Price is badass, I have to admit that.

Overall Score - 7.5/10

Call of Duty 5: World At War

My second favourite Call of Duty, so this review might be biased. Set in the second World War, we see players battle through trenches, tanks, missiles and machine guns. The campaign was full of action, gore, and gibs. What's not to love? Despite the AI being grenades, grenades, the occasional gun shots, and grenades, this was an amazing campaign, and I thorougly enjoyed it. Let's move on to Multiplayer. The maps weren't as great as the original Modern Warfare's, but what made up for it was that it still had the fun factor. I liked the WaW guns, so I enjoyed it's multiplayer over COD4. One of the few things I hated about it was... the MP40. But still... not as bad as BO2 SMG's. And finally, my favourite thing about Call of Duty... zombies mode! It was an amazing addition to the game, and the WaW maps, despite Der Riese, were always fun. Don't get me wrong, Der Riese was good, but it's soooo boring after Pack-A-Punching.

Overall Score - 9.2/10

Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2

The highly acclaimed sequel from the original Modern Warfare, is obviously this. MW2 was good, but nothing ground-breaking. I'll admit this, it had the greatest maps of the franchise. Starting off with the campaign, it wasn't anything special. I enjoyed it more than Modern Warfare, but it was too short... That's pretty much all. Before we go onto Multiplayer, let's talk about Spec Ops. These missions were fun, and me and my friend always enjoyed the one with the helicopter, and the guy on the ground... but my god.. I sucked at the snow one. I found Spec Ops more fun than the campaign and multiplayer combined. Now, everyone's favourite thing, MULTTIIIPLAYAAAA. Nothing new really, but amazing maps. Terminal. <33333 It was fun, but Noob Tubers sucked.

Overall Score: 8/10.

Call of Duty 7: Black Ops

As much as I prefer Treyarch over Infinity, this game was a disaster! still better than mw3. Where do I begin? The terrible, cheesy campaign, which was basically a love story between Mason and Reznov? Too cheap and crap for me to enjoy. Not to mention... a great deal of the guns in this game weren't even released until after this was set... Multiplayer. Crap, bullcrap, Fucking amazing Nuketown, and horseshit. Boring, dull, the pissy noob sprayer, the four... crap shotguns.... bulllllllllshitttttt Now the only thing that saves this game, and was the only reason I bought it from my friend... zombies... Despite me not enjoying Kino and Five that much, the maps were great, especially Call of the Dead... Wait, only three maps were good in my mind though.. but still fine. :3 (ily ascension shangrila cotd) Moon looked great, but was so boring. And the Zap Gun had shit all accuracy.

Overall Score: 4/10.

Call of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3

...utter horseshit, worst cod ever. I do sound immature for saying this, but it's true... basically the same as mw2, stupid, boring campaign, meh multiplayer... (Fuck the MP7 go Infected mode) and worthless Zombie mode rip-off, Survival, and crappy Spec Ops maps... I'm not even going to write anymore on this.

Overall Review: 1.5/10.

Call of Duty 9: Black Ops 2

This truely saved the franchise for me, after 2 crap games. I love the future setting, and an amazing campaign which actually made me love/hate certain characters, and feel emotion through it. Despite it being short, and the strike force missions sucking ass, this had a fantastic campaign. I miss you Harper. :c Now the multiplayer... it's fun, I'll give you that. But what ruins it are SMG's and trickshotters. Such fags. :C oh and the s12 sucks assholes. Finally, zombies. Despite a lot of people being disappointed, I loved their new addition. I like all the characters, except for Stuey, TEDD is hilarious, and the easter egg is fab. <3 The bus was a nice idea, but Grief and Ragequitters piss me off.

Overall Score: 8.8/10

My arms are sore.

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