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  • I am a normal person. Also an egghead IRL.
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    I know it's hard to say, but, oh... well, it's my time.

    It was fun to be chatting with you guys. Experiencing moments.

    I'm going to be inactive. At least, I don't know, maybe, a couple months until when I got back after university exam.

    I have lost too much ... guess what, spending time lurking about CODs and ponies gives me a daunting score IRL, so I have to refocus on what I have to do: study STUDY STU_*beeping*_DY.

    University entrance exam is important so much it's a checkpoint of your life ... (Which makes me unamused because currently I don't know what and how university exam will affect on my life)

    I guess I can have sometime to online in the next few days, then, well, turn everything off, and make m…

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