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I know it's hard to say, but, oh... well, it's my time.

It was fun to be chatting with you guys. Experiencing moments.

I'm going to be inactive. At least, I don't know, maybe, a couple months until when I got back after university exam.

I have lost too much ... guess what, spending time lurking about CODs and ponies gives me a daunting score IRL, so I have to refocus on what I have to do: study STUDY STU_*beeping*_DY.

University entrance exam is important so much it's a checkpoint of your life ... (Which makes me unamused because currently I don't know what and how university exam will affect on my life)

I guess I can have sometime to online in the next few days, then, well, turn everything off, and make my visit to the wiki less often.

Also, sent my thank you word to people of the wiki, especially COD:CHAT and COD:IRC. Forgiving me a home to stay when I'm being lonely.

I want to say thank to these people for recommending me about ponies. I want to say thank to these people, I learned how to be civil. (Even I'm being a dick at these days)

I learned how to be a wiki editor instead of a wiki leecher.

I learned about tricks, tools etc... how to ultilize it with wiki editing (since I'm lazy)


A lot of thank you words that I can't even described... for various reason, I can't remember it for now.

I want to say thank to these people: Tavi, Chichi (no Chia plz), Twig, Pichu, P., James, Sam, Maccy, Raph, Weaver, Toppy, Birdie, Edgeworth, Dat nub, Jacob, Nitzua, Ham, secks slave, SB, AS, Evi the Serbian snake/bear/whatsoever creature, Duck, Miss Ford Fiesta (jk), Dat creepy girl, 12-year-old-kid, Damac, Met, Derpy, Q, Batbat, Patpat,Red, Spiek (Jar), Kat.... even those who are banned like Alex, TWTIA, Val... and those who I have forgot... (sorry, I don't mean to, my mind is blanked atm)


Maxxis.  Random.png ıllıllı TSC ıllıllı Random.png 15:06, November 18, 2012 (UTC)

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