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  • Twinkerboi

    Hey all i found this tidbit recently and i wanted to show it you all!

    Killstreak rewards...

    2 Spy Plane Free Shows enemies on the mega-map (destructible).
    4 RC-XD 1200 Remote controlled car strapped with explosives (destructible and has no time limit).
    4 Counter-Spy Plane 1600 Temporarily disables enemy mega-map.
    4 MAS Turret 1600 Airdrop a placeable MAS turret that destroys aircraft.
    4 Care Package Free Airdrop a random killstreak, Special Weapon, or ammo crate.
    4 Napalm Strike 2400 Airstrike that covers an area in fire which burns for 2 minutes.
    7 Sentry Gun 3200 Airdrop a placeable Sentry Rocket Launcher.
    9 Mortar Team 3200 Targets three locations to bombard with 4 Mortar Strikes.
    10 Attack Helicopter Free Call in a Huey attack helicopter (Non-fl…

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  • Twinkerboi

    Black Ops guns!!!!!!!

    November 7, 2010 by Twinkerboi

    Black Ops will include...







    _China Wake Pump Action Grenade Launcher






    and my favorite......

    -THE M16A1

    I am so ecxited for Black Ops!

    Comment on what your favorite gun will be!

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  • Twinkerboi

    It appears that Treyarch has just annouced the next game in the CoD series, Call of Duty:Black Ops. Call of Duty:Black Ops will take place in Cold War era Vietnam, Russia, and Cuba. The game will focus on black operations, and stealt will play a considerably more important role in the game than previous titles. More info will be announced at a later date.

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