• I live in Unknow
  • My occupation is Recurting for the F3AR-RWTF clan/Posting blogs/Updating the clan news.
  • I am Co-leader of RWTF (Rise With The Fallen) and founder of F3AR
  • USMCdevildog199837

    Weekly Update

    March 14, 2014 by USMCdevildog199837

    Hi y'all DEATHDOG here with a update or a blog post if you will. First off sorry about not posting for a long time, I've been busy with other things and work but no one cares about that. Anyways here's my blog post.

    I want to start things off with, Im going to get Ghosts soon. After months and months of talking about it (To my self in my head) Im going to get to see what's the story mode is like. I didn't watch any of it on Youtube because I want to see the surprises, twists and all that good stuff. Muti-player I've watch some videos of it but im still going to play it anyways. Also this is off topic from Call of Duty but is anyone else ready for Sniper Elite 3? I've played Sniper Elite V2 and it was so much fun that when I was trailer for …

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  • USMCdevildog199837

    Ok first off the Head to head is a compation not for people to tell me what i dont know. Ok im doing this for fun not to make people say stuff like " O your wrong" If you dont like it dont read it than. another thing its also for people that dont understand the game or the guns in the game. Now im still going to keep going with this. Next is the M16A4 against CM901 whos going to win? Whos going to lose find out tomorrow on Head to Head MW3

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  • USMCdevildog199837

    Hi guys DEATHDOG here and Welcome to Head to Head MW3 Edition. Before we start i just want to say i dont want to hear "O why is gun better than this gun?" Ok please this is for fun not to piss people off. So now we got that clear let's get started. Today we got the M4A1 or M4 Carbine (like from COD 4), and we have the SCAR-L for our head to head. All right now lets begin the fight.

    Our first gun in the Assault Rifles class is the M4A1. This gun has been in all the Modern Warfare games. This gun is unlocked at Lvl. 4 in Multiplayer and Lvl. 1 in survival mode.

    The Loadout of the M4

    Damage is 42-20 Which is high for this gun

    Magazine clip is 30 or 45 (with Ext clip)

    Reload Time- 2.03s When loaded and 2.36s when empty

    Rate of Fire is 789 pretty goo…

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  • USMCdevildog199837

    Hi guys DEATHDOG here and today i want to talk about CoD zombies and the future of zombies. Ok we all know that zombies is fun and all but what about the next CoD zombies? Well here's what i think, I think they should do a big campaign like a story mode. Like it started in 1918 where we met the four hero's and there quest to find the answer to stop this zombie outbreak and restore the history of man kind. And after the first four hero's we have the other four hero's from green run. So they would have to fix the outbreak and stop the nukes from the griffin station. The missions would be very long but there would be Objectives like if you were helping Richtofen he would ask you to fix the Element 115 Teleporter to go to the old movie theater…

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  • USMCdevildog199837

    My wekly update

    December 1, 2013 by USMCdevildog199837

    Hi everyone DEATHDOG again sorry ive havent posted a weekly update for a long time. Just got busy with other things well here my weekly update.

    Where do i start? Well CoD Ghost came out which everyone knows that, Im not going to get it because i think it will boring and not fun as like BO2. I really dont know much about it like the campin, Mulitplayer, and this alien mode. But if anyone can fill me in on those would you please thank you. Me and my crew havent played for a long time im starting to think that were dispanding which i dont know if we are or not. Now for zombies Ive been playing zombies for a long time and im still figure out how to do the little lost girl with co-op. I cant find anyone that wants to do it with me. If you want a…

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