Hey guys DEATHDOG77 here and it's the FINAL SHOWDOWN YEAH! we have the AN-94 vs. FAL OSW! Now i was going to wait until tomorrow to post this but im like nah ill do it tonight so here we go. and who ever wins this is crowned the best assault rifle in Black ops 2. o and before i start i do have one thing to say stop the trolling ok it's annoying and i will report you if you dont stop ok. So let's start this thing off with the AN-94.

AN-94 vs. FAL OSW the final showdown

Our first gun is the AN-94 assault rifle. This 30 or 40 with ext mags fully auto assault rifle and this gun is unlocked at lvl. 55 this gun is the last gun and i saved it for this, the AN-94 is a great assault rifle at first it's sucked but after a while it got good. Like it say when it's unlocked "Fully automanic assault rifle. The first 2 shots of each burst are fired at a faster rate." As it said "The first two shots" meaning two shots either hit the person or kills them with two shots which is great for some of us. Anyways the AN-94 has its ups and downs for like the ups good with fire rate, reload fast, and great for finishing the assault rifle camos for hidden camo which everyone knows about, and it has a low to meduim recoil on it two. the down side is i think it could be a little stronger like if it had a little more damage on it. Attachments i would use for this, well i would use the red dot and either select fire or quickdraw. I would do those two because you can ADS really fast, and with red dot makes it better for me at least. Classes for this i would recommand Hard line, Hard Wire and Awarness. Now we move on to the FAL OSW we already know that it has a good recoil, good damage, that it can take down a person with three shot, also that it has a slow reload time, goes good with Fore Grip, select fire and red dot, that attachments i said there and classes the same if you dont remember from the first one and the re match post. So how did the FAL OSW make it this far? Well like i said it's all about damage and RMP the FAL OSW crush the other winning guns and the SMR (twice). Can the FAL OSW crush the AN-94 or is the AN-94 going to be the winner well it all depentes on the Damages and the RPM. let's take a look shell we?

Damages and RPM

Well it all comes down to this the Damages and RPM


Damages 40-24

RPM 625 and 937.5 (with the first two shots or select fire on)


Damages 55-40

RPM 625 and 468 (with select fire on)

And the winner and the crown for the title of best head to head gun is...

After i did some figureing out and thinking i found my winner who will be the winner will it be AN-94 or FAL OSW? and the winner and the victor of head to head assault rifle class is...the AN-94 assault rifle! reason? Because look at the RPM is high 937.5 that's high. Congras to the AN-94 assault rifle you are now the victor and earned the crown head to head fight. That finishes the assault rifle im DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.


Hey guys i want to say thanks for reading i know there some bad wording in here but the point is i want to thank you guys for reading but im getting tired of the trolling comments it's annoying i mean it is to me, I have one more zombies map idea which ill post maybe in a bit or tomorrow i dont know yet. Also there's the specail post im doing two so get ready for that o and for the head to head, we have the Sub Machine Guns who will win that one find out soon DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck

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