Hey DEATHDOG77 here and i want to say a few things about my future post for the head to head guns. Ok to start things off im not on here to troll, start fights or anything like that on here becasue i love posting on here there people on here they think its funny to piss people off and its not, Im on here to post what i think the best guns are not to make fight. The next thing is i talk about how thew guns are good and bad when i play because i cant talk about real life facts about them because i can get kick and or have my post down so if you dont have anything that like "I agree with you but i think this gun is better" or "i like your opion but maybe this gun is better than this gun" No stupid postes that make me pissed. I know what im talking about if you dont like it dont even leave a commont if you dont have anything to say that wont piss me off, And finally i want to keep posting but if people are going to keep doing this than ill stop posting and get rid my account ok just if you have anything fun or what guns you want me to try shut your mouths and dont even comment on the post ok is it that hard to do? Later tonight i will post my FAL OSW vs. SMR. Look im sorry but when people say the stupiest things it get me pissed so im asking the next time dont piss me off ok i know what im talking about i play live every weekend because i busy during the week thank you for understanding this post. Ok thats out the way tonight we have another head to head gun fight its the FAL OSW vs. SMR which one is going to be the best and which one is the worst we will find out tonight im DEATHDOG77 saying ~Semper Fi and good luck~

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