Hey guys DEATHDOG77 here and i found out that i guess there a romour that after finishing the tower of bable Maxis and Richtofen sides. What ive heard is Whats required is a upgraded ray gun for this. After finished the tower of bable you need to upgraded the ray gun and shoot the four lights that glow green (idk whichs ones) After shooting the lights the ground will start to shake, Than Maxis will say "come back to the tower there one more thing to do". After getting to the tower maxis will say "Now shoot up at the tower i will teleport you to safty" so as soon you shoot up to the tower the ground will shake more until you hear a teleporter sound and the screen will turn black and you will hear a radio saying "welcome to the 1960's" and you restart the whole game but this time there no fog, no fire and its day time. Im starting to think its fake do you guys believe me on this or what? If you guys want to try it go ahead i mean i dont know its true or not try it and let me know ok. I'm DEATHDOG77 saying Good luck and kick some zombies ass

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