Hey everyone it me DEATHDOG77 and i got some news for everyone there rumors that Teryarch is coming out with another Call of Duty game. It called Call of Duty Black ops part 2. Now i know everyone is saying o DEATHDOG your making this shit up im not my friend in the gaming department told me this. I the story line about this it take place where the first black ops left off. in Black ops part 2 the story cont. but now it in the 1970's the ending of Vietnam war and it still during the cold war era. Your playing as Capt. John Reefs Or his nickname is Shadow and he being intrrageted like Alex Mason in black ops. But he explanes what happens in the end of the Vietnam war and tell how he survive the masscure in Shagion at the MAC-V compound. The interageter is a C.I.A officer i dont know his name yet but he also a playable person but he was in the cold war era part getting info about what the russian were doing to attack the U.S. There are fifteen missions plus a hidden mission it called it in russians "the night of broken dreams" a berf info about that is in the heartland of Russian wastland The man i dont know his name yet and some other black ops troops have to stop a nuke from going off and head to the U.S and distory the country. But i think you know there going to be some changes in the mutil player mode. There going to have some new guns like sniper wise there a snipter called NVRA it a bolt action rifle and it very hight powered so it going to be like the last gun to get. It now instaded of 50 it to 65 like in World at war. There 15 prestiges in this one. There also a created a class 3.0 this time you can change your persons out fits like for ghost you can change the suit to anything like from winter suit to like a urban suit. The camo are the same but there one new one it called WInter Wounderland it the colors of Black, Gray, light Blue, and mist. Gold is back but it still 50k for it that sucks. CoD points are back, Face paint is back and im really happy for this one They brought back create your your own emblem and there 14 layers instaded of 12 like in the first one. I dont know if there going to have zombies or not i dont know ill let you guys know more info. There new maps for mutil player. There one called Break Down it an urban town with alot of spray and pray. There also a sniper map called Wastland it a big winter wastland like a junkyard but it for long range fights. The relastes date is Nov 10 2012 for more info about this message me on xbox my gamertag is DEATHDOG77 and im going to play black ops and MW3. O and there one new game play it called capture the POWs it like S&D but you have to save people and take them back to your base for pionts. Well that all i got for you guys if you want to know more about it message me on xbox or play a macth with me. Im DEATHDOG77 over and out.


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