Hey guys DEATHDOG77 here with another head to head gun fight this time we have the FAL OSW going up aganest the SMR. Lets get ready to fight.

FAL OSW is a 25 round semi auto assault rifle or 34 with ext mags on it. The FAL OSW is unlocked at lvl 22 the pros and cons of the FAL OSW, The first time i used it was great because it can take down a person with three shots, good for long ranges firefight even if you have Acog on it, Damage is good two or even one shot to the head still takes them down no matter what game type or mode your playing. the recoil is low makes it better for better firing rate (the recoil went up after 3arc put the patch on now its to a meduim recoil). And faster to shoot if your a fast trigger finger on the xbox or the Ps3. The cons of the FAL OSW well i only have one the reloading time is slow makes a pain in the ass to reloading becuse if you get cought in a middle of a firefight you would either have to swich to your other gun or hide to reload. Attachemts for it the same for all of them but my personal opion would have to be the fore grip, select fire and i always went with F.M.Js but i know people that went with red dots or targets finders for the FAL OSW. Now its time for the SMR assault rifle.

The SMR is a 20 round semi auto assault rifle or 26 with ext mags on it. The SMR is unlocked at lvl 46 the pros and the cons of the SMR, There only two pros for this gun recoil is mondernt but still like the FAL OSW and great for long shots, the cons well it takes four to five shots to kill someone, short mag, and takes to long to get kills, and only good for hardcore game modes. Attachments for the SMR same but if i was playing hardcore i would have to choose ACOG, suppressor and select fire if i playied hardcore more. Damges for the FAL OSW and the SMR.

My last post someone i wont name names but they said i should post and but about the damges on the guns well there what i think of the damges for the FAL OSW and SMR. The FAL OSW has a higher damges than the SMR why? Because like i said it takes three shots to take down a guy instade of four to five and fire rate is faster than the SMR.  FAL OSW damges rate 55-40 and SMR damges rate 50-40.

Now its time to decalre a winner who will it be will be the FAL OSW or the SMR? and the winner is.....FAL OSW! Reason? Well becasue the fire rate is higher by 5% than the SMR, takes down the person with three shots and better at long range sniping shots. So far as winners it has been the M27 and the FAL OSW next we have the SWAT-556 vs. M8A1 who will be the winner and which one will be in the ground with the two other loser. Find out next time on head to head with DEATHDOG77. Im DEATHDOG77 saying ~Semper Fi and good luck~

Edit note: Hey guys just a couple of things i want to say, One after the next two post i do with head to head there going to be final four which i will take the four winning guns in the head to head post and i will break down the four winning guns and one out of four will go to the very last head to head fight with my favorite gun i use all the time i wont say which one you will have to find out. The next thing i want to say is the loser gun are going to have the same thing and with the loser but will have a chance before the final fight with my favorite gun i use all the time. And if you guys want me to do like all the SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, and sniper rifle. Let me know what you want to be in the head to head fight. DEATHDOG77 saying ~Semper Fi and good luck~

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