Hi guys DEATHDOG here and today i want to talk about CoD zombies and the future of zombies. Ok we all know that zombies is fun and all but what about the next CoD zombies? Well here's what i think, I think they should do a big campaign like a story mode. Like it started in 1918 where we met the four hero's and there quest to find the answer to stop this zombie outbreak and restore the history of man kind. And after the first four hero's we have the other four hero's from green run. So they would have to fix the outbreak and stop the nukes from the griffin station. The missions would be very long but there would be Objectives like if you were helping Richtofen he would ask you to fix the Element 115 Teleporter to go to the old movie theater to find a part for the next misson what knows.


For Multiplayer it would be survival of chore that's a no brainer, grief i don't know maybe, They should put new multiplayer stuff like Countdown to the end. Objective: Survive the wave of zombies before time runs out. Another one would be Score Killer. Objective: Score as much as you can before you go down or the round ends. One other good one would be Gun Game. Objective: Well it's gun game with zombies.


The missons would be:

Prologe: When it all started (Opening)

1. Nightmare comes to life (Nacth Der Untoten)

2. This is where the insane go to live (Verruckt)

3. Place beyond your dreams (Shi no Numa)

4. The life and death of a Doctor (Der Riese)

5. Playing the recored once more (Kino Der Toten)

6. Blast off to the other world (Ascension)

7. Light, Camera, DEATH! (Call of the dead)

8. How do we get out of the jungle? (Shangri-La)

9. The final step of the plan (Moon)

10. The nukes have hit (Nuketown)

11. The Hanford Project (Green Run)

12. We needed the Fleash (Die Rise)

13. The old town underneath the truth (Buried)

14. What lies beneath the skin (Origins)

15. Look were we are now (Mob of the Dead)

16. We found the truth! (Five)

17. End this life and start a new one (Power station)

18. The final fight to survive (Town)

All missions are from the maps of WaW, Black ops and Black ops 2.

Well that's what i think the future CoD zombies should be but if you have a idea or want to leave a comment let me know and ill get back to it. Im DEATHDOG saying Semper Fi and good luck.

Edit: Im sorry i wish it was longer but i couldn't think of Achievements for this. Ok well im siging off Semper Fi and good luck.

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